Fujitsu patents granted on 09 September 2008

36 US patents granted on 09 September 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,424,733 Device control system
2 7,424,732 Card settlement method and system using mobile information terminal
3 7,424,694 Integrated circuit layout device, method thereof and program thereof
4 7,424,688 Designing and fabrication of a semiconductor device
5 7,424,631 Terminal device having power saving mode and folding mechanism enabling open/close motion of the same
6 7,424,628 Serial type interface circuit, power saving method thereof, and device having serial interface
7 7,424,538 Service control network system
8 7,424,483 Location information recommending apparatus, method, and storage medium
9 7,424,453 Electronic commerce transaction method, program, recording medium and server
10 7,424,391 Period division statistics device, method, and program product
11 7,424,383 Abnormality detection device for detecting an abnormality in a communication bus
12 7,424,227 Optical repeater converting wavelength and bit rate between networks
13 7,424,220 Optical transmission system with two-mode ring protection mechanism for prioritized client signals
14 7,424,188 Optical module and mounting deviation compensation method for optical waveguide part
15 7,424,183 Collimator array and method for manufacturing the same
16 7,424,145 Device and method for inspecting photomasks and products fabricated using the same
17 7,424,005 Layer 2 link handler and path connection method thereof
18 7,423,984 Digital subscriber line transmission method, apparatus and system
19 7,423,938 Apparatus and method for recording and reproducing ROM and RAM data into magneto-optical recording medium
20 7,423,917 Data readout circuit of memory cells, memory circuit and method of reading out data from memory cells
21 7,423,868 Apparatus for mounting storage device, integral unit, and electronic device
22 7,423,845 Recording disk drive with enhanced swinging member
23 7,423,844 Recording disk drive
24 7,423,836 Settling judgment method for position control device and position control device
25 7,423,636 Touch panel device and method for manufacturing touch panel devices
26 7,423,611 Display device capable of controlling power consumption without generating degradation in image quality, and method of driving the display device
27 7,423,596 Antenna device
28 7,423,594 Antenna apparatus
29 7,423,579 Transmit-receive FM-CW radar apparatus
30 7,423,415 DC-DC converter and its control method, and switching regulator and its control method
31 7,423,365 Surface acoustic wave device
32 7,423,355 Power controller, apparatus provided with backup power supply, program for controlling power, and method for controlling power
33 7,423,330 Semiconductor device with strain
34 7,423,308 Ferroelectric capacitor
35 7,422,942 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having an insulation film with reduced water content
36 7,422,808 Vertical magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording apparatus and manufacturing method of a vertical magnetic recording medium