Fujitsu patents granted on 10 January 2006

23 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 6,986,158 System and method for distributing video information over network
2 6,986,119 Method of forming tree structure type circuit, and computer product
3 6,986,093 Apparatus for reproducing data and apparatus for recording/reproducing data
4 6,986,064 Method, recording medium and apparatus for power saving control via detection of usage pattern based on stored history and accounting of a spin down cost
5 6,985,960 Routing information mapping device in a network, method thereof and storage medium
6 6,985,948 User’s right information and keywords input based search query generating means method and apparatus for searching a file
7 6,985,866 Signaling communication method of mobile communications system
8 6,985,657 Arrayed waveguide wavelength multiplexing apparatus and optical transmitter
9 6,985,539 Peak suppression method and data transmission apparatus
10 6,985,489 ATM switch
11 6,985,421 Optical device having a light emission unit emitting a light beam reflected by a light reflection unit to a substrate, and optical information recording apparatus using the same
12 6,985,419 Tracking control method and storage apparatus
13 6,985,315 Magnetic disk evaluation apparatus
14 6,985,285 Optical transmission system using Raman amplification
15 6,985,106 Array antenna radio communication apparatus
16 6,985,095 Current supply circuit
17 6,985,043 Atomic oscillator
18 6,984,937 Gas discharge panel having protective film containing driving voltage-reducing compound
19 6,984,840 Optical semiconductor device having an epitaxial layer of III-V compound semiconductor material containing N as a group V element
20 6,984,267 Manufacture system for semiconductor device with thin gate insulating film
21 6,984,254 Lead-free solder alloy and a manufacturing process of electric and electronic apparatuses using such a lead-free solder alloy
22 6,984,150 Cable connector
23 RE38,933 Method and circuit for converting the image format of three-dimensional electronic images produced with line polarization