Fujitsu patents granted on 10 January 2017

37 US patents granted on 10 January 2017 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,545,044 Electronic component assembly apparatus
2 9,545,035 Container-type data center and method for controlling container-type data center
3 9,545,031 Heat receiving apparatus, cooling apparatus, and electronic apparatus
4 9,545,028 Electronic circuit unit and communication device
5 9,544,879 Wireless communication system, method for wireless communication, relay station, and wireless base station
6 9,544,609 Motion picture encoding device and motion picture decoding device
7 9,544,594 Moving image reencoding device and moving image reencoding method
8 9,544,249 Apparatus and method for aligning order of received packets
9 9,544,244 Resource searching device and computer readable recording medium storing resource searching program
10 9,544,229 Packet processing apparatus and packet processing method
11 9,544,155 Power supply controller, relay node device, wired ad-hoc network system, and power supply control method
12 9,544,087 Amplifying device, receiving device, and amplification method
13 9,544,014 Pulse generator, semiconductor integrated circuit, and wireless data transmission method
14 9,543,834 Switching regulator, electronic device, and electronic circuit
15 9,543,643 Antenna device and radar device
16 9,543,499 Power generation device
17 9,543,494 Thermoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing the same
18 9,543,269 System-level packaging methods and structures
19 9,543,228 Semiconductor device, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and electronic device
20 9,542,758 Image processing apparatus and light source identification method
21 9,542,745 Apparatus and method for estimating orientation of camera
22 9,542,602 Display control device and method
23 9,542,543 Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication method and computer readable, non-transitory medium
24 9,542,427 Computer product, generating apparatus, and generating method for generating Huffman tree, and computer product for file compression using Huffman tree
25 9,542,313 Parallel computer system, control method of parallel computer system, information processing device, arithmetic processing device, and communication control device
26 9,542,285 Memory device, storage method and control device
27 9,542,273 Storage control apparatus, storage control system, and storage control method for failure detection and configuration of cascaded storage cabinets
28 9,542,266 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of processing in semiconductor integrated circuit
29 9,542,252 Information processing technique for supporting data setting
30 9,542,225 Method and apparatus for determining allocation design of virtual machines
31 9,542,217 System, method, and recording medium
32 9,542,003 Image processing device, image processing method, and a computer-readable non-transitory medium
33 9,541,980 Operation management device, operation management method, and recording medium
34 9,541,972 Monitoring control device, monitoring control method, and recording medium
35 9,541,927 Electronic system, a method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for controlling an electronic system
36 9,541,715 Optical module, manufacturing method of optical module, and optical device
37 9,541,602 Electronic component inspection apparatus and method