Fujitsu patents granted on 10 May 2016

28 US patents granted on 10 May 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,338,910 Electronic device and sealed structure
2 9,338,822 Communication method and communications apparatus
3 9,338,814 Radio communication method, radio communication system, and radio station
4 9,338,729 Method for detecting interference user, home base station and user equipment
5 9,338,721 MIMO wireless communication system
6 9,338,611 Wireless communication apparatus, data distribution apparatus, and data updating method
7 9,338,264 Mobile electronic device and waterproof cover
8 9,337,783 Distortion compensation apparatus and distortion compensation method
9 9,337,732 Charge and discharge signal circuit and DC-DC converter
10 9,337,326 Compound semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
11 9,336,975 Power distribution apparatus supplying direct-current power
12 9,336,603 Information processing device and information processing method
13 9,336,427 Biometric information image-capturing device, biometric authentication apparatus and manufacturing method of biometric information image-capturing device
14 9,336,426 Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication method, and computer readable, non-transitory medium
15 9,336,172 Parallel computer system, data transfer device, and method for controlling parallel computer system for performing arbitration
16 9,336,093 Information processing system and access control method
17 9,336,089 Processing apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
18 9,336,064 Information processing device and barrier synchronization method
19 9,336,055 Apparatus and method for predicting processing performance
20 9,336,052 Program executing method
21 9,336,050 Server device, log transferring method, and log transferring system
22 9,336,049 Method, system, and program for scheduling jobs in a computing system
23 9,336,044 Parallel computer, and job information acquisition method for parallel computer
24 9,336,019 Information processing apparatus and method therefor
25 9,335,998 Multi-core processor system, monitoring control method, and computer product
26 9,335,984 Data transmission method, transmission-source information processing apparatus, data transmission system, and data transmission program
27 9,335,490 Optical device and fabrication method of optical device
28 9,335,350 Electronic device and current monitoring method