Fujitsu patents granted on 10 November 2015

33 US patents granted on 10 November 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D742,877 Vein authentication sensor
2 D742,864 Base station
3 D742,767 Colony counter
4 9,185,511 Wireless communication method, wireless communication system, and wireless communication apparatus
5 9,185,474 Wavelength path switching method, optical communication system, optical communication device, optical repeater, and network management device
6 9,185,467 Reception apparatus, reception method, and reception program
7 9,185,420 Moving image coding apparatus and moving image coding method
8 9,185,209 Call-details recording device and call-details recording method
9 9,185,137 Method of content delivery, information processing device, and information processing system
10 9,185,076 Packet processing apparatus, network equipment and packet processing method
11 9,185,028 Wireless communication apparatus, a computer-readable recording medium and wireless communication method
12 9,184,904 Communication system, receiver, and eye-opening measuring method
13 9,184,867 Transmission control device, transmission system, and transmission method
14 9,184,865 Optical switch, optical demodulator, and optical demodulation method having feedback control of temperature regulator based on optical detector output
15 9,184,864 Optical transmission system, optical transmitting apparatus, and optical receiving apparatus
16 9,184,852 Receiving device and receiving method
17 9,184,840 Optical module
18 9,184,789 Communication apparatus
19 9,184,750 Digital circuits having improved transistors, and methods therefor
20 9,184,558 Optical semiconductor device and method for fabricating the optical semiconductor device
21 9,184,501 Multiband antenna
22 9,184,273 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
23 9,184,272 Compound semiconductor device having overhang-shaped gate
24 9,184,241 Semiconductor apparatus
25 9,183,448 Approaching-object detector, approaching object detecting method, and recording medium storing its program
26 9,183,320 Data managing method, apparatus, and recording medium of program, and searching method, apparatus, and medium of program
27 9,183,264 Distributed configuration information management device and distributed configuration information management method using duplicates
28 9,183,077 Data storage apparatus and method for storing data
29 9,183,060 Computer product, migration executing apparatus, and migration method
30 9,182,960 Loop distribution detection program and loop distribution detection method
31 9,182,649 Optical-signal processing apparatus, optical transmission method, receiver, and optical network system
32 9,182,647 Control method of optical element
33 9,180,788 Fuel-saving rating device and power amount management device