Fujitsu patents granted on 11 August 2015

23 US patents granted on 11 August 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,107,314 Method of manufacturing a wiring board having via structures
2 9,107,297 Circuit board and optical modulator
3 9,107,126 Radio resource control for dual-access-technology cells
4 9,106,917 Video encoding apparatus and video encoding method
5 9,106,558 Switch device, information processing apparatus, and method of controlling switching device
6 9,106,461 Quarter-rate speculative decision feedback equalizer
7 9,106,372 Wireless communication system and network comprising a first communications apparatus and a second communications apparatus which communicates with the first communications apparatus
8 9,106,359 Optical network system, optical multiplexing apparatus, and receiving apparatus
9 9,106,354 Optical frequency-division multiplexer, optical communication system, and optical frequency-division multiplexing method
10 9,106,339 Coefficient determining apparatus, equalizer, receiver and transmitter
11 9,106,180 Variable phase shifter, semiconductor integrated circuit and phase shifting method
12 9,106,091 Vehicle and vehicle control method
13 9,106,005 Surface mount device
14 9,105,743 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
15 9,105,711 Semiconductor structure with reduced junction leakage and method of fabrication thereof
16 9,105,706 Semiconductor device fabrication method capable of scribing chips with high yield
17 9,105,640 Semiconductor device including two groove-shaped patterns
18 9,105,600 Sheet structure, method of manufacturing sheet structure, and electronic device
19 9,104,818 Accelerator management device, accelerator management method, and input-output device
20 9,104,809 Facilitating automated validation of a web application
21 9,104,620 Backup method and information processing apparatus
22 9,104,515 Floating-point error detection and correction
23 9,104,230 Storage system, controller module and method of controlling storage system