Fujitsu patents granted on 11 December 2007

29 US patents granted on 11 December 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,308,677 Program generating apparatus, program generating method and program generator
2 7,308,667 LSI physical designing method, program, and apparatus
3 7,308,665 Method and apparatus for analyzing clock-delay, and computer product
4 7,308,654 Information processing apparatus, menu processing method and recording medium storing a menu processing program
5 7,308,601 Program, method and apparatus for disk array control
6 7,308,552 Microcontroller
7 7,308,433 Application managing method and information processing apparatus using the method
8 7,308,398 Translation correlation device
9 7,308,271 Mobile communication control method and radio network controller
10 7,308,208 Gain monitoring method for optical amplifier and apparatus thereof
11 7,308,200 Pre-emphasis control method in consideration of nonlinear deterioration
12 7,308,168 Optical switch apparatus and control information updating method therein
13 7,308,129 Characteristic amount calculating device for soldering inspection
14 7,307,991 MPLS network system
15 7,307,959 System and method for locating optical network elements and calculating span loss based on geographic coordinate information
16 7,307,928 Optical storage device, optical device and servo controlling method therefor having first and second focus error signal detectors with different detection ranges and target trajectory generator
17 7,307,892 Semiconductor integrated circuit
18 7,307,885 Multi-value nonvolatile semiconductor memory device equipped with reference cell and load balancing circuit
19 7,307,827 Variable capacitor and method of manufacturing variable capacitor
20 7,307,643 Image display control unit, image display control method, image displaying apparatus, and image display control program recorded computer-readable recording medium
21 7,307,625 Touch panel, and input device and electronic apparatus each equipped with the touch panel
22 7,307,622 Coordinate detection device with improved operability and method of detecting coordinates
23 7,307,603 Driving circuit, driving method, and plasma display device
24 7,307,600 Electronic device with reflective panel
25 7,307,533 Information reading apparatus, information reading system, and RFID tag
26 7,307,483 Electronic oscillators having a plurality of phased outputs and such oscillators with phase-setting and phase-reversal capability
27 7,307,332 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
28 7,307,030 Method for forming quantum dot, and quantum semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
29 7,305,871 Cylinder discriminating device and method thereof, and engine ignition control device and method thereof