Fujitsu patents granted on 11 January 2011

33 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D630,627 Personal computer
2 D630,626 Personal computer
3 7,870,534 Method and apparatus for creating wiring model, computer product, and method of manufacturing device
4 7,870,533 Delay analysis apparatus, delay analysis method and computer product
5 7,870,526 Aid apparatus, computer-readable recording medium in which design aid program is stored, and interactive design aid apparatus
6 7,870,520 Semiconductor device and yield calculation method
7 7,870,099 Computer readable recording medium having stored therein database synchronizing process program, and apparatus for and method of performing database synchronizing process
8 7,870,045 Computer system for central management of asset information
9 7,870,028 Multi-device supervisor support for self-checkout systems
10 7,869,911 Vehicle control unit and vehicle control method
11 7,869,831 Communication terminal, and dial registration method and dial registration program therefor
12 7,869,808 Wireless communication system
13 7,869,719 Method and system for automatic feedback control for fine tuning a delay interferometer
14 7,869,715 Dispersion compensating apparatus and dispersion compensation control method
15 7,869,581 Communication terminal, and dial registration method and dial registration program therefor
16 7,869,467 Receiving device including packet output circuit for outputting control signal
17 7,869,463 Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus for controlling retransmission of communication data and information communication method using the same
18 7,869,435 Communication control system
19 7,869,296 Semiconductor memory device, and method of controlling the same
20 7,869,261 Semiconductor memory which enables reliable data writing with low supply voltage by improving the conductance via access transistors during write operation
21 7,869,200 Electronic device and keyboard mechanism
22 7,869,196 Electronic apparatus
23 7,869,059 Height-limit calculation apparatus, height-limit calculation method, method of manufacturing three-dimensional structure, and computer product
24 7,868,852 Method of driving a plasma display apparatus to suppress background light emission
25 7,868,697 Converting circuit for converting differential signal to single-ended signal
26 7,868,685 Electronic circuit device operable under power supply
27 7,868,635 Probe
28 7,868,456 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
29 7,868,437 Mounting structure for IC tag and IC chip for mounting
30 7,868,409 Semiconductor integrated circuit with solder bump
31 7,868,385 Semiconductor device with increased drain breakdown voltage
32 7,867,869 Laminated thin-film device, manufacturing method thereof, and circuit
33 7,867,814 Resistance memory element and method of manufacturing the same