Fujitsu patents granted on 11 November 2014

38 US patents granted on 11 November 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D717,297 Arithmetic and control unit
2 D717,294 Arithmetic and control unit
3 D717,293 Arithmetic and control unit
4 D717,292 Arithmetic and control unit
5 D717,284 Base station
6 8,887,226 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and recording medium storing program for controlling information processing apparatus
7 8,887,145 Storage device and configuration-information storing method
8 8,887,115 Assigning method, recording medium, information processing apparatus, and analysis system
9 8,887,108 Support apparatus, design support method, and recording medium
10 8,886,959 Secure processor and a program for a secure processor
11 8,886,897 Memory system having a plurality of types of memory chips and a memory controller for controlling the memory chips
12 8,886,854 Data transfer device and storage device
13 8,886,512 Simulation apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and method
14 8,886,499 Voice processing apparatus and voice processing method
15 8,886,458 Neighborhood creating device, neighborhood creating method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program
16 8,886,257 Electronic device
17 8,886,256 Mobile electronic apparatus, danger notifying method, and medium for storing program
18 8,886,254 Radio base station and antenna weight setting method
19 8,886,057 Optical receiver, signal processor, and optical receiving method
20 8,886,056 Apparatus for self-phase modulation noise calculation, apparatus for self-phase modulation noise elimination and optical coherent receiver
21 8,886,039 Optical packet switching system, optical packet switching device, and optical packet transmitter device
22 8,885,989 Optical hybrid circuit, optical receiver, optical transceiver, and light receiving method
23 8,885,640 Path control method, communication system, and communication apparatus
24 8,885,618 Wireless communications system, base station, and mobile station
25 8,885,542 Quality of service control in a relay
26 8,885,475 Method and system for virtualized forwarding
27 8,885,367 Input circuit for an electrical device, use of an input circuit and electrical device
28 8,885,282 Library device and control method thereof
29 8,885,025 Processor
30 8,884,824 Planar inverted-F antenna
31 8,884,803 AD converter apparatus, AD converter circuit, and AD conversion method
32 8,884,375 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
33 8,883,627 Method for chip packaging
34 8,883,613 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device, processing method of semiconductor wafer, semiconductor wafer
35 8,883,577 Semiconductor device and producing method thereof
36 8,882,362 Methods for optical device including transparent member areas between core and connector insertion hole
37 8,881,653 Printing device and method for detecting paper width direction edge position
38 8,881,543 Duct type air conditioner