Fujitsu patents granted on 11 September 2007

33 US patents granted on 11 September 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,269,831 Multiprocessor system, multiprocessor control method, and multiprocessor control program retaining computer-readable recording medium
2 7,269,819 Method and apparatus for generating exposure data
3 7,269,791 Recording medium storing document constructing program
4 7,269,779 Data reproducing method and data reproducing apparatus
5 7,269,767 Magnetic disk apparatus, preventive maintenance detection method and program therefor
6 7,269,716 Processor to efficiently rename decoded condition codes and instruction control method thereof
7 7,269,672 Bus system design method, bus system, and device unit
8 7,269,637 Service provision method via a network and service provision system using the same
9 7,269,512 Information processing apparatus and GPS positioning method
10 7,269,444 Portable terminal device and communication control method
11 7,269,418 Wireless communication apparatus
12 7,269,314 Dispersion compensation device
13 7,269,215 Equalization processing method and the apparatus for periodic fluctuation of transmission line characteristic
14 7,269,129 Transmitting apparatus
15 7,269,053 Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device group
16 7,268,972 Recording medium drive having rectifier plate integral to ramp member
17 7,268,936 Optical amplifier having polarization mode dispersion compensation function
18 7,268,913 Display measuring method and profile generating method
19 7,268,772 Information processing apparatus operating in touch panel mode and pointing device mode
20 7,268,763 Method for driving display and drive circuit for display
21 7,268,713 Superconducting circuit
22 7,268,592 Input/output buffer for protecting a circuit from signals received from external devices
23 7,268,583 Reconfigurable integrated circuit device for automatic construction of initialization circuit
24 7,268,448 Plural output switching regulator with phase comparison and delay means
25 7,268,433 Semiconductor device
26 7,268,427 Semiconductor package, printed board mounted with the same, and electronic apparatus having the printed board
27 7,268,294 Adaptor; controller and plug receptacle for electronic device
28 7,268,002 Packaging method, packaging structure and package substrate for electronic parts
29 7,267,893 Optical multilayer film and optical semiconductor device including the same
30 7,267,559 Anisotropic conductive sheet, production process, contact structure, electronic device and inspection apparatus for operation test
31 7,267,500 Printer apparatus
32 7,267,492 Optical integrated device
33 D550,647 Combined digital disc player and automotive navigation system