Fujitsu patents granted on 12 April 2016

34 US patents granted on 12 April 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,313,919 Radiator, electronic apparatus and cooling apparatus
2 9,313,790 Communications apparatus and communications system using multicarrier transmission mode
3 9,313,785 Cell identifier allocation apparatus and method, base station, readable program and medium
4 9,313,705 Data relay apparatus for transferring data to a mobile terminal via a plurality of base stations
5 9,313,688 Base station and communication resource allocation method thereof, and user equipment and communication control method thereof
6 9,313,671 Wireless communication system, base station, and wireless communication method
7 9,313,496 Video encoder and video encoding method as well as video decoder and video decoding method
8 9,313,492 Device and method for moving image encoding
9 9,313,254 Service request apparatus, service request method, and recording medium
10 9,313,130 Routing method and network transmission apparatus
11 9,313,122 Frame transmission system, frame transmission apparatus, and frame transmission method
12 9,313,049 Communication system, network apparatus, gateway apparatus, computer program, data transmission method and data transfer method
13 9,312,952 Transmission device and method of controlling transmission device
14 9,312,928 Radio communications system
15 9,312,914 Crosstalk reduction in optical networks using variable subcarrier power levels
16 9,312,663 Laser device, light modulation device, and optical semiconductor device
17 9,312,373 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
18 9,312,350 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
19 9,312,341 Compound semiconductor device, power source device and high frequency amplifier and method for manufacturing the same
20 9,312,151 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacturing electronic device including an adhesive layer on a support member
21 9,312,071 Electronic device having variable capacitance element and manufacture method thereof
22 9,311,988 Storage control system and method, and replacing system and method
23 9,311,884 Portable terminal, and operation interval setting method
24 9,311,757 Movement distance estimating device and movement distance estimating method
25 9,311,538 Method and apparatus for semi-automatic finger extraction
26 9,311,428 Restoration apparatus
27 9,311,142 Controlling memory access conflict of threads on multi-core processor with set of highest priority processor cores based on a threshold value of issued-instruction efficiency
28 9,311,047 Matching circuit and method of controlling matching circuit
29 9,310,914 Driving device, electronic device, and drive control program
30 9,310,878 Power gated and voltage biased memory circuit for reducing power
31 9,310,470 Radar apparatus and signal processing method
32 9,310,407 Power strip and power measurement method
33 9,310,404 Power measurement system and power temperature converter
34 9,307,950 Sleep apnea syndrome testing apparatus, test method for sleep apnea syndrome and tangible recording medium recording program