Fujitsu patents granted on 12 August 2008

24 US patents granted on 12 August 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,412,721 Method of and system for managing information, and computer product
2 7,412,696 Method, apparatus and computer program for compiling program using statistical information on variables, and recording medium therefor
3 7,412,656 Method of data processing service for digital camera and system using the same
4 7,412,628 Storage system and disconnecting method of a faulty storage device
5 7,412,592 Branch instruction control apparatus and control method
6 7,412,485 Information processing system, information procesing method, a software program for executing such method, and information storage medium comprising such software program
7 7,412,382 Voice interactive system and method
8 7,412,359 Mutual immittance calculation program, mutual immittance calculation apparatus and method, and electromagnetic-field strength calculation program
9 7,412,296 Working control device
10 7,412,270 Multifunctional mobile radio communication apparatus
11 7,412,214 Radio input device
12 7,411,993 PN code generator, GOLD code generator, PN code despreader, method for generating PN code, method for generating GOLD code, method for despreading PN code and computer program
13 7,411,914 Data ring and method for operating data rings
14 7,411,813 Semiconductor device
15 7,411,714 Micromirror unit with torsion connector having nonconstant width
16 7,411,580 Input device with antenna
17 7,411,420 High-speed input signal receiver circuit
18 7,411,416 Technology for supressing noise of data bus circuit
19 7,411,295 Circuit board, device mounting structure, device mounting method, and electronic apparatus
20 7,411,277 Semiconductor integrated circuit having shield wiring
21 7,411,257 Semiconductor device having guard ring and manufacturing method thereof
22 7,410,812 Manufacture of semiconductor device having insulation film of high dielectric constant
23 7,410,563 Method and apparatus for preventing corrosion of contact
24 7,410,159 Paper feeding device with independent pickup rollers