Fujitsu patents granted on 12 August 2014

54 US patents granted on 12 August 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,806,367 Display control device and input device
2 8,806,318 Fault position determining circuit, storage device and information processing apparatus
3 8,806,291 Data transfer device and control method of data transfer device
4 8,806,286 Transmission controlling method, sender apparatus and receiver apparatus for wireless communication system
5 8,806,276 Control system for driving a data processing apparatus
6 8,806,226 Automatic virtualization medium, automatic virtualization method, and information processing apparatus
7 8,806,184 Branch prediction method and branch prediction circuit performing the method
8 8,806,163 Storage system and storage system network
9 8,806,149 Logic verifying apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium in which logic verifying program is stored
10 8,806,130 Memory access device outputting transfer request
11 8,806,102 Cache system
12 8,806,087 Communication path speed determining method based on priority of the destination address
13 8,806,070 Storage device, and storage device control method
14 8,805,912 Ordering generating method and storage medium, and shared memory scalar parallel computer
15 8,805,665 Input parameter value set identifying apparatus and method
16 8,805,656 Three-dimensional simulation method and apparatus
17 8,805,582 Robot control apparatus
18 8,805,447 Base station, mobile communication system and radio signal quality measurement method
19 8,805,385 Handover procedures and signalling for planned cell outage in wireless cellular networks
20 8,805,289 Standing wave ratio measuring circuit and communication apparatus
21 8,805,207 Distortion compensator, optical receiver, distortion compensator and optical receiver controlling methods, and optical transmission system
22 8,805,200 Optical transmission system
23 8,805,199 Dispersion compensation design method and dispersion compensation design system
24 8,805,194 Optical transmission device and optical switch device
25 8,805,131 Optical module and fabrication method
26 8,805,127 Optical waveguide device, manufacturing method therefor, optical modulator, polarization mode dispersion compensator, and optical switch
27 8,805,094 Using machine learning to improve detection of visual pairwise differences between browsers
28 8,805,080 Method of and device for identifying direction of characters in image block
29 8,804,978 Microphone directivity control apparatus
30 8,804,806 Symbol timing recovery circuit
31 8,804,801 Peak suppressor, radio communication apparatus and peak suppression method
32 8,804,796 Wireless apparatus and wireless communication system
33 8,804,715 Communication processing apparatus and address learning method
34 8,804,706 Information processing system, relay device, and communication control method
35 8,804,630 Radio base station, mobile station, and communication method
36 8,804,600 Relay apparatus, transmitting apparatus, communication system, receiving apparatus, and communication method
37 8,804,595 Communication transmission system
38 8,804,594 Radio communication system, server, and radio communication method
39 8,804,543 Test method for network system
40 8,804,311 Electrolyte solution and electric energy storing device using electrolyte solution
41 8,804,225 Signal shaping circuit and light transmitting device
42 8,804,175 Printer, printing control method, and computer-readable recording medium
43 8,804,074 Liquid crystal display device
44 8,803,923 Display apparatus and display method
45 8,803,840 Touch panel and coordinate detection method in touch panel
46 8,803,818 Input apparatus, input determining method, and storage medium storing input program
47 8,803,746 Portable device with a first and second housing with an electrically insulated antenna
48 8,803,664 Radio wave control apparatus, radio wave control system, and radio wave control method
49 8,803,609 Bandwidth extension of an amplifier
50 8,803,549 Latch circuit
51 8,803,517 Magnetic-field analyzing apparatus and magnetic-field analyzing program
52 8,802,468 Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method for semiconductor light emitting device
53 8,800,142 Package substrate unit and method for manufacturing package substrate unit
54 8,800,141 Method for fabricating MEMS device and MEMS device