Fujitsu patents granted on 12 February 2013

29 US patents granted on 12 February 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,375,445 Malware detecting apparatus, monitoring apparatus, malware detecting program, and malware detecting method
2 8,375,279 Receiving device and receiving method
3 8,375,229 Apparatus for controlling supply of electric power and apparatus for controlling electric power
4 8,375,167 Storage system, control apparatus and method of controlling control apparatus
5 8,375,152 Controller, data transfer device, information processing device, processor, and control method of information processing device
6 8,375,071 File management information storage apparatus and method and program for controlling the same
7 8,374,991 Determining optimum variable orders for BDDs using recursion
8 8,374,882 Parametric stereophonic audio decoding for coefficient correction by distortion detection
9 8,374,641 Mobile user terminal, mobile communication system, base station, and communication method
10 8,374,620 Frequency allocation method in wireless base station apparatus and wireless base station apparatus
11 8,374,513 Optical receiver and jitter tolerance control method
12 8,374,512 Frequency offset monitoring device and optical coherent receiver
13 8,374,500 SONET/SDH transmission apparatus
14 8,374,467 Optical device having a plurality of Mach-Zehnder modulators
15 8,374,401 Biometric authentication device, authentication accuracy evaluation device and biometric authentication method
16 8,374,349 Image encryption apparatus and image decryption apparatus
17 8,374,339 Security setting method of wireless communication network, wireless communication network system, client device and recording medium
18 8,374,320 Environment information transmission method, service controlling system, and computer product
19 8,374,301 Wireless relay apparatus and wireless relay method
20 8,374,189 Control channel transmitting method, receiving method, base station and terminal
21 8,373,966 Structural body, capacitor, and method of fabricating the capacitor
22 8,373,620 In-vehicle display apparatus
23 8,373,587 Semiconductor integrated circuit, threshold value setting method, and communication apparatus
24 8,373,442 Selector circuit and processor system
25 8,373,395 Power source apparatus, control circuit, and method of controlling power source apparatus
26 8,373,274 Method of forming wiring structure and semiconductor device comprising underlying refractory metal layers
27 8,373,212 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
28 8,373,155 Infrared photodetector
29 8,372,487 Carbon nanotube device and manufacturing method of the same