Fujitsu patents granted on 12 November 2013

58 US patents granted on 12 November 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,584,134 Job assigning apparatus and job assignment method
2 8,584,127 Storage medium storing job management program, information processing apparatus, and job management method
3 8,584,089 Virtual computer system, test method, and recording medium
4 8,584,076 Printed circuit board design assisting device, method, and program
5 8,584,069 Apparatus and method for design support using layout positions of first and second terminals
6 8,584,064 Verification support apparatus and verification support method to verify target circuit based on hardware description information
7 8,584,059 Polishing estimation/evaluation device, overpolishing condition calculation device, and computer-readable non-transitory medium thereof
8 8,584,040 Mobile terminal
9 8,583,872 Cache memory having sector function
10 8,583,863 Storage system
11 8,583,862 Recording medium, drive device, and mounting method
12 8,583,848 Switching circuit connected to an I/O device, and switching circuit connected to an I/O device control method
13 8,583,754 Business flow distributed processing system and method
14 8,583,742 Method, apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for displaying mail list or list and for managing mail
15 8,583,719 Method and apparatus for arithmetic operation by simultaneous linear equations of sparse symmetric positive definite matrix
16 8,583,718 Comparing boolean functions representing sensor data
17 8,583,646 Information searching apparatus, information searching method, and computer product
18 8,583,591 Parallel sifting algorithm
19 8,583,590 Parallel window algorithm
20 8,583,192 Base station device, mobile communication method, and mobile communication system
21 8,583,166 Mobile terminal device
22 8,583,136 Device, method, and system for adjusting a mobile communication service area
23 8,583,121 Mobile communication system, radio apparatus, and radio frequency change method
24 8,583,115 Communication apparatus, base station, and communication method
25 8,583,085 Mobile equipment, base station apparatus and communication control method
26 8,582,984 Waveform controller, responsive element module, optical switch apparatus, responsive element and optical switch apparatus control method
27 8,582,981 Optical transmitter and control method therefor
28 8,582,980 Optical device and optical modulation method
29 8,582,928 Optical waveguide device, manufacturing method therefor, optical modulator, polarization mode dispersion compensator, and optical switch
30 8,582,900 Digital watermark embedding device, computer-readable recording medium, and digital watermark detecting device and computer-readable recording medium
31 8,582,888 Method and apparatus for recognizing boundary line in an image information
32 8,582,879 Image processing device and image processing method that convert color image into monochrome image
33 8,582,744 Method and apparatus for identifier change notification
34 8,582,711 Clock change device and clock change method
35 8,582,671 Multicarrier communication apparatus
36 8,582,670 Receiving apparatus, transmitting-receiving apparatus, and transmission system method therefor
37 8,582,653 Coding apparatus and coding method
38 8,582,649 Encoding device and encoding method and decoding device and decoding method
39 8,582,620 Radio communication apparatus, radio base station, radio network controller, and transmission power control method
40 8,582,597 Time slot interchanger
41 8,582,533 Method for dropping packet data, radio communication device, and mobile communication system
42 8,582,494 Data relay device and frame processing method by the same
43 8,582,467 Method for preventing control packet looping and bridge apparatus using the method
44 8,582,459 Communication apparatus at subscriber home
45 8,582,447 Loopback device and mirroring method
46 8,582,433 Wireless communication network and adaptive routing communication method thereof
47 8,582,343 Semiconductor storage device, semiconductor storage device manufacturing method and package resin forming method
48 8,582,315 Electronic apparatus and method related thereto
49 8,581,791 Communication device and control method
50 8,581,747 Pedestrian support system
51 8,581,623 Lookup table, semiconductor integrated circuit, method for making lookup table and method for making semiconductor integrated circuit
52 8,581,335 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
53 8,581,300 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
54 8,581,261 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
55 8,581,249 Film thickness monitoring structure for semiconductor substrate
56 8,581,216 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device, method for controlling ion beam, and ion implantation apparatus
57 8,580,907 Insulating film material, multilayer wiring board and production method thereof, and semiconductor device and production method thereof
58 8,579,279 Conveying direction-switching device for paper leaves with direction-changing drum