Fujitsu patents granted on 12 October 2010

35 US patents granted on 12 October 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE41,813 Piezoelectric thin-film resonator and filter using the same
2 7,814,356 Apparatus and control method for initializing a phase adjusting part in response to a power supply cut signal
3 7,814,352 Selective connection of a memory to either a gateway card or information processor based on the power mode
4 7,814,294 Memory device, memory controller and memory system
5 7,814,256 Computer, IO expansion device and method for recognizing connection of IO expansion device
6 7,814,043 Content information analyzing method and apparatus
7 7,813,915 Apparatus for reading a plurality of documents and a method thereof
8 7,813,905 Simulation apparatus, simulation method, and computer-readable recording medium in which simulation program is stored
9 7,813,767 Mobile terminal apparatus
10 7,813,748 Group communications switching method, subscriber terminal and server used for the method
11 7,813,647 Chromatic dispersion compensation control method and apparatus
12 7,813,642 Optical transmission apparatus and method of controlling the same
13 7,813,640 Optical connection switching apparatus and management control unit thereof
14 7,813,553 Image region detection method, recording medium, and device therefor
15 7,813,412 Radio base station apparatus, and despreading processing apparatus therefor
16 7,813,359 Communication gateway
17 7,813,303 Network fault detection apparatus
18 7,813,302 Data distributing method, system transmitting method, and program
19 7,813,290 Program, method and apparatus for collecting information
20 7,813,272 Data transmission system and method transmitting channel quality indicators in variable format
21 7,813,205 Semiconductor memory device
22 7,813,133 Semiconductor device
23 7,813,115 Coupling unit and electronic apparatus
24 7,813,015 Image processor of imaging apparatus
25 7,812,841 Display controlling apparatus, information terminal unit provided with display controlling apparatus, and viewpoint location controlling apparatus
26 7,812,761 DSSS radar, method implemented by radar and computer-readable storage medium
27 7,812,727 Wireless tag determination method, wireless tag determination system, reader control device, and storage medium
28 7,812,670 Baseband predistortion device and method
29 7,812,669 Predistortion apparatus, system, and method
30 7,812,636 Method and device for generating pseudo-random binary data
31 7,812,630 Latch circuit
32 7,812,618 Printed circuit board, and backplane data transmission method
33 7,811,936 Method of producing semiconductor device
34 7,811,835 Method for processing a base that includes connecting a first base to a second base with an insulating film
35 7,811,007 Single-fiber bidirectional optical transmitter/receiver