Fujitsu patents granted on 13 December 2016

28 US patents granted on 13 December 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,521,666 Method and apparatus for triggering aperiodic feedback in coordinated multipoint transmission
2 9,521,633 Apparatus and method for selecting an optimum base station whose transmission power is to be changed
3 9,521,577 Guidance device, guidance system, and guidance method
4 9,521,325 Terminal device and line of sight detection method
5 9,521,297 Reference color selection device, color correction device, and reference color selection method
6 9,521,191 Computing device, method, and program for distributing computational load
7 9,521,080 Method of controlling congestion, apparatus for controlling congestion and communication system
8 9,521,075 Communication device and communication control method
9 9,521,070 Apparatus, information processing method and information processing system
10 9,520,959 Optical drop apparatus, optical add apparatus, and optical add/drop apparatus
11 9,520,948 Optical transmission device
12 9,520,938 Optical transmitting device, fault determining method and fault diagnosis system
13 9,520,937 Radio communication system
14 9,520,896 Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, encoding method, encoding device, decoding method, and decoding device
15 9,520,883 Frequency detection circuit and reception circuit
16 9,520,694 Optical amplifier with loss adjustment unit based on gain
17 9,519,965 Display processing method and apparatus
18 9,519,835 Efficient biometric authentication using narrowed biometric data
19 9,519,697 Observation information processing apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and observation information processing method
20 9,519,655 File synchronization method and file synchronization server apparatus
21 9,519,627 Grammar generation for XML schema definitions
22 9,519,567 Device, method of generating performance evaluation program, and recording medium
23 9,519,542 Storage control device and storage control method
24 9,519,534 Information processing in response to failure of apparatus, method, and storage medium
25 9,519,521 Server device, computer-readable storage medium and movement control method
26 9,518,890 Mobile terminal device and sealing detection method
27 9,518,755 Outdoor unit for air-conditioning apparatus, and air-conditioning apparatus
28 9,517,520 Apparatus of mounting and removing component, method of mounting component and method of removing component