Fujitsu patents granted on 13 January 2015

31 US patents granted on 13 January 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,935,566 Plug-in card storage device and error correction control method thereof
2 8,935,552 Information processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and method for controlling power consumed in information processing apparatus
3 8,935,536 Image encryption/decryption device, method, and storage medium storing a program
4 8,935,503 Management device, storage medium, and management method
5 8,935,501 Apparatus, method, and recording medium storing a program for selecting a destination storage based on a buffer size
6 8,935,168 State detecting device and storage medium storing a state detecting program
7 8,935,146 Computer aided design apparatus, computer aided design program, computer aided design method for a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor circuit based on characteristic value and simulation parameter
8 8,935,131 Model expression generation method and apparatus
9 8,935,115 Method and apparatus for compensating nonlinear damage
10 8,935,076 Controller for internal combustion engine
11 8,934,896 Macro user equipment initiated evolved inter-cell interference coordination mechanism through private femtocells
12 8,934,789 Optical receiver, optical reception method and optical reception system
13 8,934,724 Image recognition device, image recognizing method, storage medium that stores computer program for image recognition
14 8,934,494 Transmission system, transmission apparatus, destination management apparatus
15 8,934,425 Improvements to short-range wireless networks
16 8,934,399 Wireless communication system and method for mapping of control messages on the un-interface
17 8,934,351 Communication apparatus and communication system
18 8,934,316 Parallel-serial conversion circuit for adjusting an output timing of a serial data signal with respect to a reference clock signal, and an interface circuit, a control device including the same
19 8,934,187 Magnetic tape device and method for controlling movement of magnetic head
20 8,933,908 Mobile terminal device and sensor module
21 8,933,834 Radar device
22 8,933,793 Active contactless information storage device, method, and information access system
23 8,933,765 Filter, transmitter-receiver, and amplifying circuit
24 8,933,752 Power amplifier apparatus, distortion compensation coefficient updating method, and transmission apparatus
25 8,933,583 Wireless power supply system, wireless power transmitting device, and wireless power receiving device
26 8,933,560 Semiconductor device
27 8,933,558 Semiconductor package, wiring board unit, and electronic apparatus
28 8,933,485 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
29 8,933,339 Differential path replacement component, printed board, and electronic device
30 8,932,904 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
31 8,931,165 Method of manufacturing coil device