Fujitsu patents granted on 13 May 2008

26 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,373,610 Skin generating method, program, and apparatus
2 7,373,564 Semiconductor memory
3 7,373,531 Signal detection method, frequency detection method, power consumption control method, signal detecting device, frequency detecting device, power consumption control device and electronic apparatus
4 7,373,529 Performing a power supply check for an information storage device to increase power consumption in a stepwise manner
5 7,373,478 Information processing apparatus and software pre-fetch control method
6 7,373,344 Method and apparatus for displaying system management information, computer product for the same, and operation management system
7 7,373,025 Waveguide-type optical device
8 7,372,865 Processing data packets using time stamped marker packets
9 7,372,853 Method and system for multicasting data packets in an MPLS network
10 7,372,797 Data reproduction device
11 7,372,783 Optical information storage apparatus and optical information storage system
12 7,372,760 Semiconductor device and entry into test mode without use of unnecessary terminal
13 7,372,740 Semiconductor memory device
14 7,372,666 Magnetic head with alternately laminated (110)-orientation-inducing non-magnetic underlayers, magnetic layers, and discontinuous insulating layers
15 7,372,659 Head position control method, head position control device and disk device
16 7,372,658 Correction table creation method for head position control, head position control method and disk device
17 7,372,622 Optical transmission system, optical repeater, and optical transmission method
18 7,372,491 CMOS image sensor
19 7,372,406 Antenna apparatus including inverted-F antenna having variable resonance frequency
20 7,372,396 Transmit-receive FM-CW radar apparatus
21 7,372,347 Surface acoustic wave device
22 7,372,303 Semiconductor integrated circuit
23 7,372,206 Gas discharge panel substrate assembly having protective layer in contact with discharge space, and AC type gas discharge panel having the assembly
24 7,372,157 Semiconductor device including titanium wires and manufacturing method therefor
25 7,372,143 Printed circuit board including via contributing to superior characteristic impedance
26 7,371,489 Photomask, method for detecting pattern defect of the same, and method for making pattern using the same