Fujitsu patents granted on 13 November 2007

16 US patents granted on 13 November 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,296,225 Information transmitting and receiving in which layout information is used to determine importance
2 7,296,012 Method of and apparatus for multimedia processing, and computer product
3 7,295,780 Apparatus for detecting peaks of wavelength-division-multiplexed light, and apparatus for controlling said light
4 7,295,620 Digital subscriber line communicating system
5 7,295,605 Adaptive equalizer with DC offset compensation
6 7,295,553 Packet buffer
7 7,295,483 Semiconductor memory
8 7,295,438 Heat receiving sheet, electronic apparatus, and fabrication method for heat receiving sheet
9 7,295,405 Disk drive capable of restricting unexpected movement of a head suspension using a latch member to restrict movement of the suspension and elasticity of the suspension to enable a head load tab to move down a ramp inclined surface
10 7,295,404 Magnetic recording medium for perpendicular recording and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
11 7,295,366 Optical integrated device and optical module
12 7,295,152 Timing adjustment method for radar, and radar apparatus having automatic timing adjusting function
13 7,295,039 Buffer circuit
14 7,294,577 Method of manufacturing a silicide layer
15 7,294,418 Magnetic film for magnetic head
16 7,293,700 Transaction terminal device and transaction terminal control method