Fujitsu patents granted on 13 October 2009

37 US patents granted on 13 October 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,603,600 Timing failure remedying apparatus for an integrated circuit, timing failure diagnosing apparatus for an integrated circuit, timing failure diagnosing method for an integrated circuit, integrated circuit, computer readable recording medium recorded thereon a timing failure diagnosing program for an integrated circuit, and computer readable recording medium recorded thereon a timing failure remedying program for an integrated circuit
2 7,603,545 Instruction control method and processor to process instructions by out-of-order processing using delay instructions for branching
3 7,603,517 Disk storage device and cache control method for disk storage device
4 7,603,455 Managing a user network of a partitioned network
5 7,603,402 Solution program recording media for simultaneous linear equations having band coefficient matrix
6 7,603,279 Grammar update system and method for speech recognition
7 7,603,248 Testing circuit and testing method for semiconductor device and semiconductor chip
8 7,603,045 Method and system for automatic feedback control for fine tuning a delay interferometer
9 7,603,036 System and method for managing network components in a hybrid passive optical network
10 7,603,035 Method and system for a data centric architecture in an optical network
11 7,603,007 Quadrature phase-shift keying modulator and phase shift amount controlling method for the same
12 7,603,002 Optical device
13 7,602,870 Symbol timing estimation in communication systems
14 7,602,868 Asynchronous transmission device, asynchronous transmission method
15 7,602,799 Network management method, program and system for constructing a parallel computer system
16 7,602,703 Method and system for providing ethernet protection
17 7,602,699 Protection method and system for equipment in a network element
18 7,602,600 Tantalum capacitor
19 7,602,593 Semiconductor device
20 7,602,587 Information storage that includes a housing and a printed board provided on the housing, a printed board including a coil that forms an electromagnet in cooperation with a magnetic member, and method for manufacturing an electromagnetic latch unit
21 7,602,583 Disc clamping device and disc drive having the same
22 7,602,576 Data reading method and storage device
23 7,602,574 Storage apparatus, storage medium, and control method and program of storage apparatus
24 7,602,566 Magnetic transfer master and method of formatting magnetic recording medium
25 7,602,322 Analog-to-digital conversion controller, optical receiving device, optical receiving method, and waveform-distortion compensating device
26 7,602,262 Elastic wave device and manufacturing method of the same
27 7,602,150 Battery device for electronic apparatus with rechargeable secondary battery, fuel cell and run time computing unit
28 7,602,129 Rotary-motor-loaded device and control characteristic measurement method and program
29 7,602,101 Piezoelectric thin-film resonator and filter using the same
30 7,602,097 Movable device
31 7,602,055 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
32 7,602,031 Method of fabricating semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
33 7,602,011 Semiconductor memory device having charge storage layer and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,601,996 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
35 7,601,585 Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric semiconductor device utilizing an oxide reduction film
36 7,601,576 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
37 7,601,471 Apparatus and method for correcting pattern dimension and photo mask and test photo mask