Fujitsu patents granted on 14 April 2009

38 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,519,993 Information processing terminal and information security and protection method therefor
2 7,519,965 Computer-readable medium recorded with a deadlock pre-detection program
3 7,519,943 Photomask fabrication method
4 7,519,935 Circuit diagram drafting system and method and computer program product
5 7,519,926 Semiconductor device and method for designing the same
6 7,519,903 Converting a structured document using a hash value, and generating a new text element for a tree structure
7 7,519,716 Information providing method, information providing system, terminal device, central apparatus and computer memory product
8 7,519,697 Computer network system and portable computer
9 7,519,665 Multi-channel processing control device and multi-channel processing control method
10 7,519,545 System for selling commodities and method thereof
11 7,519,300 Optical output control method for use in optical transmission node and optical output control apparatus for use in the same
12 7,519,296 Optical demultiplexing method and optical multiplexing method, and optical transmission apparatus using same
13 7,519,243 Substrate, substrate adapted for interconnecting optical elements and optical module
14 7,519,241 Optical device
15 7,519,198 Processor with personal verification function and operating device
16 7,519,184 Wireless communication system
17 7,519,120 Clock EMI reduction
18 7,519,097 Spread-signal multiplexing circuit
19 7,518,988 Ring switchover method
20 7,518,974 Recording and reproducing apparatus
21 7,518,821 Hard disk drive
22 7,518,711 Optical waveform measurement apparatus and optical waveform measurement method
23 7,518,701 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal dripping apparatus
24 7,518,610 Display apparatus, display control apparatus, display method, and computer-readable recording medium recording display control program
25 7,518,607 Hidden-line removal method
26 7,518,573 Driving method of plasma display panel and plasma display device
27 7,518,556 Antenna
28 7,518,437 Constant current circuit and constant current generating method
29 7,518,390 Semiconductor integrated circuit device with a test circuit that measures a period to select a test mode
30 7,518,388 Contactor for electronic components and test method using the same
31 7,518,188 P-channel MOS transistor and fabrication process thereof
32 7,518,173 Semiconductor device having ferroelectric capacitor and its manufacture method
33 7,517,792 Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure, fabrication method thereof, and designing method thereof
34 7,517,646 Functional molecule and process for producing the same
35 7,517,423 Method of cutting laminate, apparatus for manufacturing laminate, method of manufacturing laminate, and laminate
36 7,517,160 Optical module
37 7,517,102 Displaying unit, optical guide plate, and information device
38 7,516,901 RFID tag