Fujitsu patents granted on 14 April 2015

31 US patents granted on 14 April 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D726,707 Personal computer
2 9,009,636 Analog circuit simulator and analog circuit verification method
3 9,009,555 Communication method, communication system, communication terminal apparatus and communication base station apparatus
4 9,009,486 Biometric authentication apparatus, biometric authentication method, and computer readable storage medium
5 9,009,422 Information processing apparatus and interrupt control method
6 9,009,412 Information processing apparatus and control method of information processing apparatus
7 9,009,372 Processor and control method for processor
8 9,009,209 Processor, control method of processor, and computer readable storage medium storing processing program for division operation
9 9,009,047 Specific call detecting device and specific call detecting method
10 9,009,023 Computer-readable medium having sentence dividing program stored thereon, sentence dividing apparatus, and sentence dividing method
11 9,009,015 Free energy difference estimation method and simulation apparatus
12 9,008,674 Wireless communication system, transmitter, receiving apparatus, and notification information transmission-reception method
13 9,008,621 Communication server, mobile communication terminal, communication method, and computer product
14 9,008,109 Buffer management of relay device
15 9,007,949 Method and apparatus for searching carrier frequencies
16 9,007,910 Load balancing across a link aggregation group
17 9,007,764 Electronic device having cooling unit
18 9,007,680 Controller which controls a variable optical attenuator to control the power level of a wavelength-multiplexed optical signal when the number of channels are varied
19 9,007,675 Optical modulation device and optical modulation method
20 9,007,483 Image synthesis device and computer program for image synthesis for synthesizing a plurality of images of different exposure times
21 9,007,387 Drawing processing apparatus and method
22 9,007,258 Radar device and method of calculation of receive power in radar device
23 9,007,248 MASH sigma-delta modulator and DA converter circuit
24 9,007,234 In-vehicle display apparatus and display method
25 9,007,156 Electromagnetic relay
26 9,007,155 Electromagnetic relay
27 9,007,152 Transmission line, impedance transformer, integrated circuit mounted device, and communication device module
28 9,006,876 Semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
29 9,004,888 Rotary compressor having discharge groove to communicate compression chamber with discharge port near vane groove
30 9,004,621 Electronic device, case unit, and locking device
31 9,003,819 Heat pump apparatus using supercooling degree to control expansion valve