Fujitsu patents granted on 14 August 2007

23 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,257,841 Computer virus infection information providing method, computer virus infection information providing system, infection information providing apparatus, and computer memory product
2 7,257,789 LSI design method
3 7,257,666 Method of writing, erasing, and controlling memory for memory device
4 7,257,662 Status reporting apparatus and status reporting method
5 7,257,632 Method and apparatus for a bandwidth broker in a packet network
6 7,257,521 Support system, and computer-readable recording medium in which support program is recorded
7 7,257,393 Method and apparatus for time calibration
8 7,257,382 High frequency amplifier circuit permitting variable gain control
9 7,257,332 Optical transmitter and its control method
10 7,257,295 Attachment-type optical coupler apparatuses
11 7,257,253 Apparatus and method of analyzing layout of document, and computer product
12 7,257,224 Cryptographical pseudo-random number generation apparatus and program
13 7,257,113 SONET add/drop multiplexer with packet over SONET capability
14 7,257,069 Optical storage device and optical device
15 7,257,066 Data defect detection using soft decision result
16 7,256,755 Display apparatus and display driving method for effectively eliminating the occurrence of a moving image false contour
17 7,256,621 Keeper circuits having dynamic leakage compensation
18 7,256,620 Selector circuit and semiconductor device
19 7,256,591 Probe card, having cantilever-type probe and method
20 7,256,500 Semiconductor device using metal nitride as insulating film
21 7,256,474 Semiconductor device having a guard ring
22 7,256,145 Manufacture of semiconductor device having insulation film of high dielectric constant
23 7,256,118 Semiconductor device using low-K material as interlayer insulating film and its manufacture method