Fujitsu patents granted on 14 August 2012

54 US patents granted on 14 August 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,245,275 Electronic device, non-transitory computer-readable medium storing program, and circuit chip
2 8,245,220 Method and apparatus for updating software in radio terminal device
3 8,245,197 Program monitoring method, computer, and abnormal monitoring program product
4 8,245,121 Signal control circuit and signal control apparatus
5 8,245,110 Error correcting code generation method and memory control apparatus
6 8,245,085 Dump output control apparatus and dump output control method
7 8,245,072 Signal transmission system and control method therefore
8 8,245,029 System and method for enhanced network entrance into a wireless network
9 8,245,006 Data storage device and data management method
10 8,244,996 Hierarchical storage apparatus, control device, and control method
11 8,244,973 Relay apparatus and data control method
12 8,244,936 Data communication apparatus for stabilizing the connection of a communication line between data communication apparatuses and program therefor
13 8,244,900 Measuring method, measuring apparatus and computer program
14 8,244,773 Keyword output apparatus and method
15 8,244,746 Parallel linking system and parallel linking method
16 8,244,704 Recording medium recording object contents search support program, object contents search support method, and object contents search support apparatus
17 8,244,570 Business flow analysis method and apparatus
18 8,244,524 SBR encoder with spectrum power correction
19 8,244,480 Computer product, analysis support apparatus, and analysis support method
20 8,244,264 Radio base station receiver and program
21 8,244,243 Communication control apparatus and communication control method
22 8,244,232 Portable terminal and method for controlling operation mode
23 8,244,188 Transmitting and receiving circuit
24 8,244,138 Polarization-multiplexing optical transmitter polarization-multiplexing optical receiver, polarization-multiplexing optical transceiving system, and controlling method thereof
25 8,244,129 Monitoring apparatus and method for polarization scrambler and optical transmission apparatus
26 8,244,075 Optical device
27 8,243,995 Apparatus and method for eye margin calculating, and computer-readable recording medium recording program therefof
28 8,243,941 Active noise reduction system and active noise reduction method
29 8,243,858 Receiver and method for receiving
30 8,243,841 Symbol interleaving and channel mapping device and method and mobile communication system
31 8,243,814 Combing artifacts detection apparatus and combing artifacts detection method
32 8,243,741 Frame switching device and address learning method
33 8,243,736 Packet capturing device
34 8,243,728 Apparatus and method for transmitting packets in a packet switched network
35 8,243,704 Call control device, relay device, call control method, and storage medium
36 8,243,635 Information processing apparatus
37 8,243,621 Method, apparatus, and program for configuring networks with consistent route and bandwidth settings
38 8,243,607 Packet delay characteristic measuring apparatus and method
39 8,243,606 Information acquisition device and method
40 8,243,600 System and method for allocating resources in a non-transparent multi-hop relay network
41 8,243,537 Semiconductor memory
42 8,243,500 Semiconductor memory and system
43 8,243,457 Electronic component mounting structure, electronic device and manufacturing method of an electronic device
44 8,243,448 Electronic apparatus
45 8,243,436 Connecting module and electronic device coupling system
46 8,243,372 Optical apparatus and optical transmission apparatus
47 8,243,363 Optical signal processing apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, and optical relay apparatus
48 8,243,101 Image display processing apparatus, image display processing method, and recording medium
49 8,242,916 RFID tag
50 8,242,889 RFID tag
51 8,242,882 Biometric authentication apparatus and biometric authentication control method
52 8,242,881 Method of adjusting reference information for biometric authentication and apparatus
53 8,241,980 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
54 8,241,590 Discharge volume control method, discharge pressure control method, and microbody forming method