Fujitsu patents granted on 14 June 2016

33 US patents granted on 14 June 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,369,984 System and method for positioning in a wireless network
2 9,369,878 Coexistent working mode establishment method, user equipment, base station and system
3 9,369,853 Information processing method, terminal apparatus and information processing system
4 9,369,831 Base station apparatus, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
5 9,369,786 Optical transmission device and optical transmission network system
6 9,369,594 Transmission device, relay device, recording medium and control method of transmission system
7 9,369,327 Radio communication method and a base station and user terminal thereof
8 9,369,309 Receiving apparatus, method for receiving, and wireless communication system
9 9,369,268 Reception circuit
10 9,369,257 Base station, mobile station, control method, and communication system
11 9,369,210 Optical modulator calibration
12 9,369,038 Semiconductor integrated circuit and power supply circuit
13 9,369,002 Power transmitting device, power receiving device, and non-contact charging method
14 9,368,892 Connector and contact
15 9,368,860 Patch antenna
16 9,368,624 Method for fabricating a transistor with reduced junction leakage current
17 9,368,430 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
18 9,368,359 Method of manufacturing compound semiconductor device
19 9,367,698 Apparatus and method for performing different cryptographic algorithms in a communication system
20 9,367,492 Storage virtualization apparatus causing access request process to be delayed based on incomplete count and storage virtualization method
21 9,367,485 Storage device, data processing device, registration method, and recording medium
22 9,367,459 Scheduling method and multi-core processor system
23 9,367,393 Storage control apparatus and storage control method
24 9,367,361 Information processing device, method for processing information, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein information processing program
25 9,367,349 Multi-core system and scheduling method
26 9,367,326 Multiprocessor system and task allocation method
27 9,367,311 Multi-core processor system, synchronization control system, synchronization control apparatus, information generating method, and computer product
28 9,367,300 Method and apparatus for determining installation order of software
29 9,367,238 Terminal apparatus and input correction method
30 9,367,225 Electronic apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
31 9,367,048 Vehicle controller
32 9,364,964 Cutter and recorder
33 9,364,752 Mobile device, and method and computer readable storage medium therefor