Fujitsu patents granted on 14 March 2006

28 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,013,477 Broadcast receiver, broadcast control method, and computer readable recording medium
2 7,013,446 Method, program, and apparatus for designing a semiconductor device
3 7,013,414 Test method and test system for semiconductor device
4 7,013,392 File processing unit
5 7,013,326 Chat system, dummy client system for chat system, and computer readable medium storing dummy client program
6 7,013,324 Method and system displaying freshness of object condition information
7 7,013,190 Model management system and apparatus
8 7,013,144 Base station control equipment, mobile station equipment, and radio communication system
9 7,013,126 Communication system
10 7,012,969 Distortion compensating apparatus
11 7,012,938 Laser device, controller and method for controlling the laser device
12 7,012,928 Data transmission method by polling and terminal apparatus for use in the method
13 7,012,921 Method and system for handling asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) call set-ups
14 7,012,917 Service unit for a hub having multiple star interconnect configurations
15 7,012,866 Rotation control method for CAV system based on sequential or random access request and on zone access based on access request of recording medium
16 7,012,838 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device supplying proper program potential
17 7,012,829 Ferroelectric memory and data reading method for same
18 7,012,775 Writer for head positioning information over recording medium
19 7,012,773 Disk device and disk medium, in which a plurality of servo cylinders formed concentrically from the inner diametrical portion to the outer diametrical portion of at least one disk are divided into predetermined areas
20 7,012,625 Image quality correcting circuit
21 7,012,619 Display apparatus, display method, display controller, letter image creating device, and computer-readable recording medium in which letter image generation program is recorded
22 7,012,558 A/D converter, battery pack, electronics device and method of voltage measurement
23 7,012,454 Clock shift circuit for gradual frequency change
24 7,012,411 Switching regulator control circuit, switching regulator and switching regulator control method
25 7,012,370 Plasma display device with shielding parts on transparent electrodes
26 7,011,734 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having silicide layer
27 7,011,556 Contact module, connector and method of producing said contact module
28 7,011,483 Load port, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, semiconductor manufacturing method, and method of detecting wafer adapter