Fujitsu patents granted on 14 May 2013

32 US patents granted on 14 May 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,443,333 Computer product, apparatus, and method for supporting design
2 8,443,266 Data processing method and data processor
3 8,443,253 Turbo decoding device and communication device
4 8,443,236 Test apparatus for testing an information processing apparatus
5 8,443,140 Apparatus, computer-readable recording medium and storage system
6 8,443,138 Recording medium storing management program, management device and management method
7 8,443,117 Connection expansion device, storage system, connection expansion control program, and connection expansion control method
8 8,443,055 System and method to provide device control service, and computer product
9 8,442,768 Navigation system, portable terminal device, and in-vehicle device
10 8,442,530 Mobile device handover supporting method, radio network control device, radio base station and computer program
11 8,442,472 Technique to generate divide by two and 25% duty cycle
12 8,442,444 Method of transmit power control and device thereof
13 8,442,406 Filter, coherent receiver device and coherent receiving method
14 8,442,404 Optical dispersion compensator, optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and method thereof
15 8,442,376 Image data recording/playback device, system, and method
16 8,442,322 Image processing apparatus and non-transitory storage medium storing image processing program
17 8,442,312 Method and apparatus for detecting image area, and computer product
18 8,442,157 Wireless apparatus and signal processing method
19 8,442,147 Multi-carrier communication apparatus
20 8,442,119 Moving image decoding apparatus and processing method thereof
21 8,441,978 Relay device, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
22 8,441,923 Communication path providing method and communication apparatus
23 8,441,884 Semiconductor memory device, image processing system, and image processing method
24 8,441,706 Optical module, optical control method by optical module, optical switch, and optical switching method
25 8,441,334 Electronic circuit and electronic device
26 8,441,294 Data holding circuit
27 8,441,239 Power supply controller, electronic device, and method for controlling power supply
28 8,441,101 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
29 8,440,577 Method for reducing metal, multilayer interconnection structure and manufacturing method for the same, and semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
30 8,440,549 Compound semiconductor device including aln layer of controlled skewness
31 8,440,545 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with spraying fluid
32 8,440,481 Manufacturing method of the electronic component