Fujitsu patents granted on 14 October 2008

37 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,437,699 Layout method for semiconductor integrated circuit, layout program for semiconductor integrated circuit and layout system for semiconductor integrated circuit
2 7,437,646 Test pattern generating method and apparatus and storing medium for storing test pattern generating program
3 7,437,621 Rack management system, management terminal, configuration retaining apparatus and rack apparatus
4 7,437,519 Multithread controller and control method
5 7,437,461 Load balancing apparatus and method
6 7,437,456 Object reference generating device, object reference generating method and computer readable recording medium for recording an object reference generating program
7 7,437,413 Text messaging system and method
8 7,437,399 Method and apparatus for averaging parity protected binary numbers
9 7,437,283 System for evaluating target board by using evaluation microcomputer in which storage of environment data are powered by evaluation tool
10 7,437,237 Positioning control apparatus and the method
11 7,437,074 Wavelength division multiplexing transmission system
12 7,437,069 Automatic power restoring method and optical communication system
13 7,437,057 Image controlling circuit, image controlling method, and computer readable medium, wherein programs to execute the image controlling method on a computer system are stored
14 7,437,037 Optical module having gain member and partial reflection section waveguides formed on a substrate
15 7,436,943 Method and apparatus for managing telephone number, and computer product
16 7,436,879 Spread communication system and mobile station thereof
17 7,436,794 Transmission power control method and apparatus for mobile communication system
18 7,436,784 Resilient packet ring network for realizing MAC bridging
19 7,436,776 Communication test device
20 7,436,762 Mobile communication network system for managing the location of a mobile IP terminal
21 7,436,689 Non-volatile semiconductor memory
22 7,436,679 Radio-frequency module for communication
23 7,436,660 Heat sinks for electronic enclosures
24 7,436,619 Head floating amount control method and unit, storage apparatus and computer-readable program
25 7,436,612 Storage apparatus, storage apparatus control method, and computer product
26 7,436,586 Wavelength conversion system, optical integrated device and wavelength conversion method
27 7,436,548 Printer controller, printing system, and recording medium therefor
28 7,436,459 Digital broadcast receiving apparatus and method for receiving digital broadcast
29 7,436,396 Haptic panel apparatus
30 7,436,294 Method and apparatus for disaster prevention
31 7,436,062 Semiconductor chip element, semiconductor chip element mounting structure, semiconductor chip element mounting device and mounting method
32 7,436,056 Electronic component package
33 7,435,915 Joining structure
34 7,435,656 Semiconductor device of transistor structure having strained semiconductor layer
35 7,435,489 Magnetic recording medium, magnetic storage apparatus and recording method
36 7,435,171 Card management method and apparatus for network card game
37 7,435,115 Card connector with a slider braking unit