Fujitsu patents granted on 14 October 2014

49 US patents granted on 14 October 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D715,294 Arithmetic and control unit
2 D715,288 Personal computer
3 D715,287 Personal computer
4 8,863,263 Server apparatus and program for single sign-on
5 8,863,259 Method of controlling biometric authentication system, non-transitory, computer readable storage medium and biometric authentication system
6 8,863,254 Authentication information management of associated first and second authentication information for user authentication
7 8,863,070 Thermal-analysis-model generating apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, thermal-analysis-model generating method, and thermal analysis apparatus
8 8,862,946 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
9 8,862,915 Gateway card, gateway device, method of controlling gateway card, and computer product
10 8,862,890 Method and apparatus for processing biometric information
11 8,862,850 Storage system, storage control apparatus, and storage control method
12 8,862,846 Control apparatus, control method, and storage apparatus
13 8,862,844 Backup apparatus, backup method and computer-readable recording medium in or on which backup program is recorded
14 8,862,843 Storage system, backup storage apparatus, and backup control method
15 8,862,829 Cache unit, arithmetic processing unit, and information processing unit
16 8,862,808 Control apparatus and control method
17 8,862,793 Storage system, control device, and storage system control method of controlling storage system
18 8,862,724 Processing apparatus, processing method, and communication system
19 8,862,719 Data transmission/reception apparatus and method for inserting and extracting maintenance management data
20 8,862,707 Method and apparatus for managing data of operation system
21 8,862,683 KVM switch and KVM system
22 8,862,479 Encoder, encoding system, and encoding method
23 8,862,133 Method and system for determination of wireless device speed via channel quality indicator fading characteristics
24 8,862,062 Radio apparatus and metric calculation method
25 8,861,980 Loop filter
26 8,861,965 Optical transmission apparatus
27 8,861,956 Apparatus and method for switching paths in a wavelength-multiplexing network
28 8,861,903 Method of manufacturing optical waveguide device and optical waveguide device
29 8,861,883 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium storing image processing program
30 8,861,781 Digital watermark embedding apparatus and method
31 8,861,627 Direct mm-wave m-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) modulator operating in saturated power mode
32 8,861,604 Motion picture encoding device and motion picture decoding device
33 8,861,582 Decision feedback equalizer, receiving circuit, and decision feedback equalization processing method
34 8,861,560 Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser driver with improved output impedance
35 8,861,557 Wavelength-tunable light source and wavelength variation method
36 8,861,542 Control channel transmitting method, base station and terminal
37 8,860,845 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
38 8,860,613 Patch antenna
39 8,860,591 Analog digital converter
40 8,860,520 Pulse generator and semiconductor integrated circuit
41 8,860,477 Receiver circuit
42 8,860,232 Electronic device having electrodes bonded with each other
43 8,860,211 Semiconductor device, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and electronic device
44 8,860,164 Light receiving device
45 8,860,106 Spin filter and driving method thereof
46 8,859,335 Method and system for controlling chip inclination during flip-chip mounting
47 8,859,334 Electronic device manufacturing method and chip assembly
48 8,859,224 Microinjection device and microinjection method
49 8,857,211 Injectable two-staged rotary compressor and heat pump system