Fujitsu patents granted on 15 April 2014

47 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,701,108 Apparatus and method for controlling live-migrations of a plurality of virtual machines
2 8,701,064 Timing error removing method and design support apparatus
3 8,701,062 Apparatus and method for generating a netlist using non-uniquified module during logic synthesis stage
4 8,701,011 Computer-readable storage medium, apparatus, and method for supporting operation screen design
5 8,700,979 Error correcting code decoding device, decoding method, and mobile station apparatus
6 8,700,967 Transmitter, receiver, transmission method, and reception method
7 8,700,954 Common trouble case data generating method and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing common trouble case data generating program
8 8,700,948 Storage area managing apparatus and storage area managing method
9 8,700,947 Cache memory apparatus, execution processing apparatus and control method thereof
10 8,700,863 Computer system having a cache memory and control method of the same
11 8,700,835 Computer system and abnormality detection circuit
12 8,700,758 Monitoring system, apparatus to be monitored, monitoring apparatus, and monitoring method
13 8,700,755 Device and a method for transmitting link trace responses according to a route redundancy configuration
14 8,700,703 Contents server and contents server system
15 8,700,380 Method for generating performance evaluation model
16 8,699,958 Wireless communication device and radiation directivity estimating method
17 8,699,884 Optical transmission system and optical transmission method
18 8,699,879 Optical packet switching apparatus
19 8,699,873 Identifying fault locations in a network
20 8,699,763 Biometric information processing device, biometric information processing method and computer-readable storage medium storing a biometric information processing program
21 8,699,611 Wireless communications system and apparatus
22 8,699,531 Mobile communication system and communication method thereof
23 8,699,526 Communication control method and transmitting apparatus
24 8,699,518 Dynamic circuit adjustment
25 8,699,506 Optical transmission apparatus and optical transmission method
26 8,699,468 Frequency deviation estimating method and base station apparatus
27 8,699,429 Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
28 8,699,425 Radio base station, radio terminal and radio communication method
29 8,699,399 Pilot signal transmitting method, base station, mobile station and cellular system to which the method is applied
30 8,699,342 Transmission device
31 8,699,176 Library apparatus with mechanism for moving flag on cell of medium storing shelf
32 8,699,170 Virtual tape device and cleaning control method
33 8,699,126 Multi-wavelength light amplifier
34 8,698,738 Position detection device
35 8,698,633 RFID tag manufacturing method with strap and substrate
36 8,698,547 Control circuit and electronic device
37 8,698,536 Variable delay circuit
38 8,698,528 CDR circuit, reception circuit, and electronic device
39 8,698,513 Probe and method of manufacturing probe
40 8,698,467 Multi-mode DC-DC power converters
41 8,698,279 Semiconductor device including capacitor of interconnection
42 8,698,253 Semiconductor device with STI and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
43 8,697,531 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having stress/strain and protrusion
44 8,697,526 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
45 8,697,513 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device having N-channel MOS transistor, P-channel MOS transistor and expanding or contracting film
46 8,696,387 Card adapter and electronic device
47 8,695,278 Door assembly for an instrument cabinet and method for changing a hinge side of a door assembly