Fujitsu patents granted on 15 August 2006

30 US patents granted on 15 August 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,093,300 Electronic apparatus having security function
2 7,093,167 Control apparatus and self-diagnostic method for electronic control system
3 7,093,152 Semiconductor device with a hardware mechanism for proper clock control
4 7,093,110 Register file in the register window system and controlling method thereof
5 7,093,074 Storage control device and storage control method
6 7,092,984 Method and apparatus for determining dynamic flow and computer-readable medium storing a program for performing the method
7 7,092,944 Personal information management apparatus, personal information managing method, and storage medium and program therefor
8 7,092,900 Electronic commerce method, recording medium storing electronic commerce program therein, and server
9 7,092,875 Speech transcoding method and apparatus for silence compression
10 7,092,828 Method for detecting communication impulses of a fan motor and circuit arrangement for carrying out said method
11 7,092,642 Tunable channel spacing for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transport system
12 7,092,638 Optical multiplex communication system, optical transmission apparatus, and control method of optical multiplex communication
13 7,092,603 Optical bridge for chip-to-board interconnection and methods of fabrication
14 7,092,594 Wavelength selector switch
15 7,092,226 Constant-voltage power supply circuit
16 7,092,223 Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane structure magnetoresistive element and method of making same
17 7,092,198 Access performance adjusting method and storage apparatus
18 7,092,179 Write precompensation amount setting method and apparatus
19 7,092,149 Input monitoring system for optical amplifying repeater
20 7,092,032 Scanning conversion circuit
21 7,091,834 Theft preventive device
22 7,091,826 User authentication system using biometric information
23 7,091,824 Remote starting control apparatus and starting control apparatus
24 7,091,716 Multilayer wiring board, manufacturing method therefor and test apparatus thereof
25 7,091,630 Device and method for inhibiting power fluctuation
26 7,091,527 Semiconductor photodetection device
27 7,091,518 Semiconductor device
28 7,091,515 High-temperature superconducting device and manufacturing method thereof
29 7,090,933 Magneto-optical recording medium including a soft magnetic layer, a protective layer and a silane coupling agent layer, in this order
30 7,090,572 Polishing pad, polishing apparatus having the same, and bonding apparatus