Fujitsu patents granted on 15 July 2008

30 US patents granted on 15 July 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,401,350 Local area information terminal device
2 7,401,308 Timing analysis apparatus, timing analysis method, and computer product
3 7,401,306 Apparatus and method for verification support, and computer product
4 7,401,297 Method of and device for controlling display of window, and computer product
5 7,401,296 Information processing terminal displaying guidance for a key operation on a standby-screen
6 7,401,204 Parallel Processor efficiently executing variable instruction word
7 7,400,910 Speaker sound enhancement for a mobile terminal
8 7,400,830 Quality monitoring method and apparatus for wavelength division multiplexed optical signal and optical transmission system using the same
9 7,400,829 Transmission apparatus and path selection method of a transmission apparatus
10 7,400,793 Optical device with slab waveguide and channel waveguides on substrate
11 7,400,786 Optical modulator and optical transmitter
12 7,400,664 Laser array device and laser array control method
13 7,400,655 Transmission device
14 7,400,634 MAC address learning apparatus
15 7,400,592 Picture distribution system and method thereof
16 7,400,509 Electronic apparatus, rack mount apparatus and method of mounting the electronic apparatus in the rack mount apparatus
17 7,400,472 Head suspension assembly having flexible printed wiring board with alignment void arrangement
18 7,400,471 Ramp loading unit including means for reducing powder collected on head support part, and disk drive including same
19 7,400,444 Optical amplifier and control method for optical amplifier
20 7,400,441 Optical amplifier, optical amplification repeater and pump light supply control method
21 7,400,440 Method and system for determining gain for an optical signal
22 7,400,241 Monitoring device, monitoring method, and monitoring system
23 7,400,220 Surface acoustic wave device
24 7,400,205 Frequency synthesizer and oscillation control method of frequency synthesizer
25 7,400,175 Recycling charge to reduce energy consumption during mode transition in multithreshold complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (MTCMOS) circuits
26 7,400,035 Semiconductor device having multilayer printed wiring board
27 7,399,990 Wafer-level package having test terminal
28 7,399,988 Photodetecting device and method of manufacturing the same
29 7,399,116 Temperature sensor circuit and calibration method thereof
30 7,398,851 Method and apparatus for monitoring vehicle status