Fujitsu patents granted on 15 March 2011

48 US patents granted on 15 March 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,908,592 Software/hardware partitioning program and method
2 7,908,585 Computer readable recording medium recorded with graphics editing program, and graphics editing apparatus
3 7,908,524 Storage medium readable by a machine tangible embodying event notification management program and event notification management apparatus
4 7,908,507 Apparatus and method for masking input of invalid data strobe signal
5 7,908,453 Semiconductor device having a dynamically reconfigurable circuit configuration
6 7,908,450 Memory management unit, code verifying apparatus, and code decrypting apparatus
7 7,908,434 Raid apparatus, cache management method, and computer program product
8 7,908,418 Storage system, storage device, and host device
9 7,908,250 Differential data forming method, program, recording medium, and apparatus
10 7,908,245 Database management method and database management apparatus
11 7,908,129 Method, apparatus and computer program for molecular simulation
12 7,907,984 High frequency filter having a solid circular shape resonance pattern with multiple input/output ports and an inter-port waveguide connecting corresponding output and input ports
13 7,907,979 Electronic apparatus, display control method and recording medium
14 7,907,975 Bluetooth communication system for drivers of vehicles
15 7,907,906 Mobile station
16 7,907,843 Technique of identifying a defective subscriber device in a point-to-multipoint network without stopping normal subscriber devices
17 7,907,771 Pattern data processing system, pattern data processing method, and pattern data processing program
18 7,907,754 Biological detection device, fingerprint authentication device, and biological detection method
19 7,907,742 Exciter for directly vibrating board and speaker apparatus used the same
20 7,907,675 Radio communication system and radio communication method
21 7,907,668 Method and apparatus for calculating moving-image correction-coefficient, moving-image correcting apparatus, and computer product
22 7,907,632 Data output apparatus, communication apparatus and switch apparatus
23 7,907,549 Modeling a ring network using a ring object
24 7,907,516 Node setting apparatus, network system, node setting method, and computer product
25 7,907,434 Semiconductor apparatus having a large-size bus connection
26 7,907,405 Cooling unit and electronic device
27 7,907,344 Variable dispersion compensator and method of controlling the same
28 7,907,324 Optical modulator and controlling method and apparatus thereof
29 7,907,230 Display device having a display cabinet with rib portions surrounding the rim of a front and back cover
30 7,907,078 Analog-to-digital converter and analog to-digital conversion method
31 7,907,075 Semiconductor device
32 7,906,954 Bias circuit
33 7,906,852 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
34 7,906,851 Semiconductor device having groove-shaped via-hole
35 7,906,840 Semiconductor integrated circuit package, printed circuit board, semiconductor apparatus, and power supply wiring structure
36 7,906,822 Packaged device and method of manufacturing the same
37 7,906,819 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
38 7,906,798 Semiconductor device having buffer layer between sidewall insulating film and semiconductor substrate
39 7,906,443 Controlling oxygen precipitates in silicon wafers using infrared irradiation and heating
40 7,906,433 Semiconductor device having wirings formed by damascene and its manufacture method
41 7,906,417 Compound semiconductor device with T-shaped gate electrode and its manufacture
42 7,906,400 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having transistors and semiconductor device having transistors
43 7,906,349 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device including ferroelectric capacitor
44 7,906,347 Magnetic storage device and method of manufacturing the same
45 7,906,095 Method of growing carbon nanotube and carbon nanotube growing system
46 7,906,033 Plasma etching method and apparatus
47 7,905,318 Storage box for electronic apparatus
48 7,905,268 Ultrasonic bonding apparatus