Fujitsu patents granted on 15 March 2016

42 US patents granted on 15 March 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,288,819 Communication control apparatus, communication system, and communication method
2 9,288,701 Mobile radio apparatus and mobile communication system
3 9,288,473 Creating apparatus and creating method
4 9,288,314 Call evaluation device and call evaluation method
5 9,288,277 Communication device, method for communication and relay system
6 9,288,172 Access restriction device, access restriction method, computer readable storage medium
7 9,288,115 Network design device
8 9,288,014 Communication apparatus, transmitting method and receiving method
9 9,288,003 Reception circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
10 9,287,992 Wavelength division multiplexing transmission device
11 9,287,981 Station-side apparatus and PON system
12 9,287,970 Optical transmission device and optical transmission method
13 9,287,969 Protection channel provisioning method and node equipment
14 9,287,955 Multi-user multi-stream beamforming method, apparatus, and base station
15 9,287,883 Multi-lane re-timer circuit and multi-lane reception system
16 9,287,843 Method of fabricating crystal unit, crystal unit fabrication mask, and crystal unit package
17 9,287,715 Power distribution device, power distribution system and method for suppressing inrush current
18 9,287,679 Method of controlling temperature of semiconductor laser, temperature control device of semiconductor laser and non-transitory computer-readable medium
19 9,287,665 Incorrect insertion prevention structure of connector and the connector
20 9,287,277 Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
21 9,287,224 High-frequency module
22 9,287,210 Semiconductor device having a switch that expands and contracts by temperature change
23 9,287,205 Fan-out high-density packaging methods and structures
24 9,287,168 Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
25 9,286,796 Traffic flow measuring apparatus and method, and computer-readable storage medium for judging size of vehicle depending on number of times reflected wave from vehicle is detected within detection time
26 9,286,660 Filtering method and device in image processing
27 9,286,513 Image processing apparatus, method, and storage medium
28 9,286,485 Using trust points to provide services
29 9,286,305 Virtual storage gate system
30 9,286,262 Scheduling in a multicore architecture
31 9,286,215 Method and apparatus for controlling cache memory areas
32 9,286,178 Controller, storage apparatus, method of testing storage apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
33 9,286,107 Information processing system for scheduling jobs, job management apparatus for scheduling jobs, program for scheduling jobs, and method for scheduling jobs
34 9,286,036 Computer-readable recording medium storing program for managing scripts, script management device, and script management method
35 9,285,918 Information processing apparatus including touch panel for detecting user operation
36 9,285,875 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
37 9,285,864 Mobile terminal device, medium and control method
38 9,285,650 Optical modulating apparatus and optical transmitter
39 9,285,560 Method and device for manufacturing optical transmission device, and optical transmission device
40 9,285,467 Radar apparatus, vehicle control system, and signal processing method
41 9,283,894 Wireless power supply system
42 9,283,780 Printer and method for controlling printer