Fujitsu patents granted on 15 September 2009

28 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,590,929 Record reproduction method, apparatus, and circuit for using error correcting code
2 7,590,884 Storage system, storage control device, and storage control method detecting read error response and performing retry read access to determine whether response includes an error or is valid
3 7,590,838 Remote boot method and mechanism, and computer-readable storage medium
4 7,590,827 Processor and instruction control method having a storage of latest register for updating data of source operands, and instruction control
5 7,590,786 Server system and signal processing unit, server, and chassis thereof
6 7,590,767 Electronic apparatus, information processing system and method of controlling said apparatus
7 7,590,757 Broadcast type communication data distribution device and broadcast type communication system
8 7,590,686 Apparatus for controlling a multi-processor system, scalable node, scalable multi-processor system, and method of controlling a multi-processor system
9 7,590,584 Computer system for virtual share dealing
10 7,590,532 Voice code conversion method and apparatus
11 7,590,357 Optical module having small stray capacitance and stray inductance
12 7,590,353 System and method for bandwidth allocation in an optical light-trail
13 7,590,208 Circuit and method for generating a timing signal, and signal transmission system performing for high-speed signal transmission and reception between LSIs
14 7,590,181 Adaptive modulation and coding
15 7,590,147 LAN signal transmitting method and apparatus adapted to shut down a LAN signal if extracted link information indicates link down
16 7,590,126 Frame transfer processing method and device
17 7,590,076 Switching apparatus
18 7,590,048 Restoration and protection method and an apparatus thereof
19 7,590,016 Integrated circuit
20 7,589,959 Information processing device and display device
21 7,589,933 Storage
22 7,589,929 Servo pattern writing apparatus, servo pattern writing method, servo pattern reading apparatus, and servo pattern reading method
23 7,589,926 Methods and apparatus for formatting memory media
24 7,589,685 Glass antenna
25 7,589,578 Level shift circuit and semiconductor device
26 7,589,391 Semiconductor device with STI and its manufacture
27 7,589,339 Paper sheets metal thread part or magnetic element pattern detector or paper sheets metal thread part or magnetic element pattern detection method
28 7,588,843 Magnetic recording medium and method of making the same