Fujitsu patents granted on 15 September 2015

27 US patents granted on 15 September 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,137,926 Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
2 9,137,783 Radio communication terminal device and radio communication method
3 9,137,696 Communication quality measurement method, radio base station and mobile terminal, and radio communication system
4 9,137,641 Wireless communication system, base station, and terminal
5 9,137,305 Information processing device, computer-readable recording medium, and control method
6 9,137,277 Communication method, communication system, repeating apparatus, communication apparatus, and computer program product
7 9,137,148 Information processing system and information processing apparatus
8 9,136,944 Measurement device, measurement method, transfer device, and optical network
9 9,136,828 Current mode logic latch
10 9,136,401 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
11 9,136,344 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and semiconductor crystal growth substrate
12 9,136,172 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacturing electronic assembly
13 9,135,997 System and method for filtering addresses
14 9,135,983 Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
15 9,135,924 Noise suppressing device, noise suppressing method and mobile phone
16 9,135,921 Audio coding device and method
17 9,135,463 Storage device, method for accessing storage device, and storage medium storing program for accessing storage device
18 9,135,351 Data processing method and distributed processing system
19 9,135,325 Information processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and information processing method
20 9,135,207 I2C communication device and I2C communication method
21 9,135,047 Apparatus, method, and program for managing a plurality of virtual machines
22 9,134,801 Display method and information processing device
23 9,134,755 Tilt mechanism for information device
24 9,134,417 Obstacle determination device
25 9,134,408 Apparatus and method for traffic lane detection
26 9,134,119 Optical fiber orientation detection method and apparatus
27 9,134,070 Radiator and electronic apparatus including same