Fujitsu patents granted on 16 April 2013

72 US patents granted on 16 April 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D680,108 Electronic computer with display unit
2 8,423,997 System and method of controlling virtual machine
3 8,423,949 Apparatus for displaying a portion to which design modification is made in designing a product
4 8,423,948 Wiring design support device and wiring design supporting method
5 8,423,944 Supporting program, design supporting device and design supporting method
6 8,423,938 Wire spacing verification method, wire spacing verification apparatus, and computer-readable medium
7 8,423,937 Support program, design support device, and design support method
8 8,423,931 Support computer product, apparatus, and method
9 8,423,888 Document conversion and use system
10 8,423,880 Transmission device estimation method and estimating unit
11 8,423,842 Test apparatus and test method for testing a memory device
12 8,423,834 Computer system and memory system
13 8,423,815 Information processing device capable of performing a timer control operation
14 8,423,812 Time correction in a semiconductor device using correction information provided by an adjacent semiconductor device
15 8,423,798 Portable electronic apparatus and method for displaying image
16 8,423,786 Biometrics authentication method, media for individual authentication, and biometrics authentication device
17 8,423,784 Position registering method, program and apparatus for terminal equipment
18 8,423,757 Memory initialization by performing parallel execution of firmware and kernel by different CPUs
19 8,423,748 Register control circuit and register control method
20 8,423,742 Data transfer control apparatus and data transfer control method
21 8,423,729 Part information restoration method, part information management method and electronic apparatus
22 8,423,699 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling information processing apparatus
23 8,423,669 Communication device having VPN accommodation function
24 8,423,562 Non-transitory, computer readable storage medium, search method, and search apparatus
25 8,423,556 Archive device
26 8,423,531 Non-transitory storage medium storing management program, management apparatus, and management method
27 8,423,499 Search device and search method
28 8,423,491 Computer program product, method, and apparatus for calculating reliability of an application procedure for fraud using an estimated probability of detection of fraud
29 8,423,354 Speech recognition dictionary creating support device, computer readable medium storing processing program, and processing method
30 8,423,330 Method for recording data which varies with time in space constituted by dimensional axes
31 8,423,279 Drive assist apparatus, method, and recording medium
32 8,423,097 Sliding portable telephone
33 8,423,085 Electronic apparatus, control method thereof, control program thereof, and recording medium
34 8,423,031 Communication system, base station, relay station, mobile station, and communication method
35 8,423,020 Communication method, mobile station apparatus and wireless base station apparatus
36 8,422,952 Wireless communication terminal and sound volume control method
37 8,422,888 Optical transmission system
38 8,422,884 Method and apparatus for picocell distributed radio heads providing macrocell capabilities
39 8,422,866 Signal output device, signal output method and readable-by-computer recording medium
40 8,422,790 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
41 8,422,773 Image zone detecting using color gradation levels, method, apparatus and computer readable medium
42 8,422,669 Method and apparatus for elliptic curve cryptographic processing
43 8,422,612 Communication terminal apparatus, communication apparatus, and signal receiving method
44 8,422,567 Signal transmission apparatus and method
45 8,422,453 Communication systems
46 8,422,433 Base station apparatus, communication control system, communication control method, and inter-station control method
47 8,422,425 Terminal device and base station device
48 8,422,404 Method and device for transmitting packets
49 8,422,396 Rate monitoring apparatus
50 8,422,366 Data transmission device
51 8,422,361 Management of protection path bandwidth and changing of path bandwidth
52 8,422,330 Memory controller and memory controlling method
53 8,422,228 Cooling jacket, cooling unit, and electronic apparatus
54 8,422,123 Semiconductor optical amplifier and optical module
55 8,422,121 Optical transmission apparatus and optical signal level checking method
56 8,421,862 Drive recorder
57 8,421,825 Electronic device, controlling method thereof, controlling program thereof, and recording medium
58 8,421,533 Adaptive digital predistortion device and method
59 8,421,525 Semiconductor circuit device
60 8,421,503 Latch circuit
61 8,421,312 Acceleration sensor having polarized piezoelectric layer interposed between sensing electrodes
62 8,421,277 Switched mode power supply for an electronic device with auxiliary power for powering an evaluation unit during an energy-saving state
63 8,421,219 Semiconductor component having adhesive squeeze-out prevention configuration and method of manufacturing the same
64 8,421,155 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
65 8,421,138 Magnetic tunneling junction device with recessed magnetic free layer
66 8,420,993 Optical signal generator and method for adjusting the same having a reflecting mirror to define another cavity different from the cavity of a single mode laser
67 8,420,522 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
68 8,420,444 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
69 8,420,288 Resist pattern thickening material, method for forming resist pattern, semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
70 8,419,302 Printing apparatus
71 8,418,972 Attachment device
72 8,418,910 Electroconductive bonding material, method for bonding conductor, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device