Fujitsu patents granted on 16 August 2011

37 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,001,450 Semiconductor memory device capable of changing ECC code length
2 8,001,431 Control apparatus
3 8,001,362 Processing unit
4 8,001,350 Information processing apparatus
5 8,001,344 Storage control apparatus, storage control program, and storage control method
6 8,001,343 Storage device with power control function
7 8,001,226 Surplus determination system, management system, recording medium storing surplus determination program, and recording medium storing management program
8 8,001,180 Web page data providing system, web page data providing method, and computer-readable medium
9 8,001,173 Information processing apparatus, selector, remote operation system, scan code transmission method, and program product therefor
10 8,000,963 Sound reproducing apparatus
11 8,000,951 Timing analysis method and apparatus for enhancing accuracy of timing analysis and improving work efficiency thereof
12 8,000,758 Portable terminal device
13 8,000,703 Method of registering location of mobile-communication system and device therefor
14 8,000,662 Transmission characteristic adjustment device, circuit substrate, and transmission characteristic adjustment method
15 8,000,648 Radio communications system and antenna pattern switching
16 8,000,599 Optical transmission system and optical transmission method
17 8,000,595 Optical receiver, optical communication device, and optical signal receiving method
18 8,000,593 Distance measuring device and distance measuring method
19 8,000,503 Biometrics authentication system registration method, biometrics authentication system, and program for same
20 8,000,429 Jitter correction method and circuit
21 8,000,403 Coding device, decoding device, transmitter and receiver
22 8,000,400 OFDM receiving method and apparatus
23 8,000,348 Radio receiving apparatus
24 8,000,343 Communication device, and method of communication between communication devices and medium thereof
25 8,000,253 Detection program, relay device, and detecting method
26 8,000,247 Bandwidth management apparatus
27 8,000,232 Method for controlling redundancy and transmission device using the same
28 8,000,157 RAM macro and timing generating circuit thereof
29 7,999,594 Semiconductor integrated circuit and control signal distribution method
30 7,999,374 Semiconductor component having adhesive squeeze-out prevention configuration and method of manufacturing the same
31 7,999,301 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
32 7,999,193 Wiring substrate and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,998,806 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,998,779 Solid-state imaging device and method of fabricating solid-state imaging device
35 7,998,544 Decorative casing and manufacturing method thereof
36 7,997,164 Screw fastener
37 7,997,095 Method of controlling air conditioner cooling load utilizing controlling the opening degree of an expansion valve and/or the number of rotations of an outdoor fan