Fujitsu patents granted on 16 August 2016

35 US patents granted on 16 August 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,420,726 Container-type data center and air-conditioning control method
2 9,420,720 Liquid cooling apparatus
3 9,420,521 Call control system, mobile station and call restriction method
4 9,420,517 Apparatus and method for determining an optimum gateway node in a communication network
5 9,420,495 Method for processing in-device coexistence configuration information, apparatus and system
6 9,420,415 Wireless communication method, node, and monitoring node
7 9,420,370 Audio processing device and audio processing method
8 9,420,360 Transport apparatus and method of transmitting monitoring control signal
9 9,419,922 Information processing apparatus and time-limit display method
10 9,419,796 Method for storing and recovering data, utilization of the method in a storage cloud, storage server and computer program product
11 9,419,741 Optical transmission system, management device, and signal adjustment method
12 9,419,738 Communication device, method and system for queueing packets to be transmitted
13 9,419,720 Optical signal transmitter
14 9,419,709 Transmission device and method for measuring delay
15 9,419,705 Radio communication apparatus for retransmitting data
16 9,419,649 Encoding method and encoding device
17 9,419,434 Power switching apparatus, power supply unit, and computer system
18 9,419,410 Optical semiconductor device and method for controlling driving circuit
19 9,418,987 Transistor with threshold voltage set notch and method of fabrication thereof
20 9,418,476 Mesh quality improvement in computer aided engineering
21 9,418,406 Anisotropy in resolution spatial filter image processing apparatus, and information processing method
22 9,418,373 Interactive advertising using digital watermarks
23 9,418,307 Method and apparatus for smoothing image
24 9,418,285 Information processing apparatus and input control method
25 9,418,276 Fingerprint authentication method and fingerprint authentication device
26 9,418,275 Biometric information processing for providing increased authentication precision by guiding a user to place auxiliary information within an imaging range
27 9,418,274 Biometric authentication technique utilizing image data of both hands
28 9,418,225 Transmitting device and method of overlaying signals with the device
29 9,418,173 Detection of cross-platform differences of web applications
30 9,418,096 Control method, and information processing system
31 9,418,048 Apparatus and method for allocating shared storage areas to parallel processors for multiplication of sparse matrix and vector
32 9,418,014 Storage control device, storage device, storage system, storage control method, and program for the same
33 9,417,872 Recording medium storing address management program, address management method, and apparatus
34 9,417,392 Optical waveguide component, manufacturing method therefor, and optical waveguide device
35 9,415,727 On-vehicle apparatus