Fujitsu patents granted on 16 December 2008

38 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,467,362 Failure detection improvement apparatus, failure detection improvement program, failure detection improvement method
2 7,467,337 Semiconductor memory device
3 7,467,261 Dual storage apparatus and control method for the dual storage apparatus
4 7,467,258 Storage virtualizer and computer system using the same
5 7,467,199 Integrated management system utilizing e-mail for remotely monitoring/controlling over the internet
6 7,467,171 Digital filter device
7 7,467,100 Personal shopping data service system using extended gaming machine memory module
8 7,467,077 Mesh model creating method, simulation apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
9 7,467,076 Apparatus for predicting reliability in electronic device package, program for predicting reliability in electronic device package, and method for predicting reliability in electronic device package
10 7,467,053 Three-dimensional fourier transform processing method for shared memory scalar parallel computer
11 7,466,967 Communication system
12 7,466,921 Drop-and-continue device
13 7,466,920 Chromatic dispersion compensating apparatus
14 7,466,917 Method and system for establishing transmission priority for optical light-trails
15 7,466,915 Mirror controller for optical switch
16 7,466,877 Monitoring modulation alignment variation using photon absorption
17 7,466,764 Delay regulating device
18 7,466,763 Address generating device and method of generating address
19 7,466,762 Distortion compensating apparatus
20 7,466,634 Magnetic field generator and photomagnetic information storage apparatus
21 7,466,526 Ferromagnetic tunnel junction, magnetic head using the same, magnetic recording device, and magnetic memory device
22 7,466,511 Hand mechanism in a cartridge library apparatus being associated with a buffer mechanism to allow the hand mechanism to hold a cartridge even when the hand mechanism is not positioned at an optimal, normal position
23 7,466,478 Optical-level control method, optical-level control apparatus and wavelength-multiplexing optical network
24 7,466,477 Optical fiber amplifier and dispersion compensating fiber module for optical fiber amplifier
25 7,466,412 Method of detecting displacement of exposure position marks
26 7,466,405 Pattern inspection method, pattern inspection system and pattern inspection program of photomask
27 7,466,295 Liquid crystal display
28 7,466,292 Plasma display apparatus
29 7,466,152 Probe card and testing method of semiconductor chip, capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
30 7,466,101 Head position control method, head position control device, and disk device
31 7,466,061 Acoustic boundary wave device, resonator and filter
32 7,465,980 Ferroelectric memory, multivalent data recording method and multivalent data reading method
33 7,465,923 Testing method for semiconductor device, testing apparatus therefor, and semiconductor device suitable for the test
34 7,465,657 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a capacitor
35 7,465,595 Quantum device, manufacturing method of the same and controlling method of the same
36 7,465,529 Radiation sensitive material and method for forming pattern
37 7,465,527 Resist material, resist pattern and forming method for the same, and a semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
38 7,465,180 Modular plug and plug installation structure