Fujitsu patents granted on 16 December 2014

21 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D719,602 Projector equipped with camera
2 8,914,775 Dynamic and intelligent partial computation management for efficient parallelization of software analysis in a distributed computing environment
3 8,914,611 Address translation device, processing device and control method of processing device
4 8,914,577 Disk array control apparatus
5 8,914,560 Communication control device for selecting a path under different loads–high, middle, or low loads–based on whether a prohibition period has passed
6 8,914,467 Information processing apparatus, system, and storage medium
7 8,914,436 Data processing device and data retriever
8 8,914,336 Storage device and data storage control method
9 8,914,056 Mobile station device and base station device for radio communication
10 8,914,053 System and method for selecting transceivers to provide wireless communication service for a wireless user endpoint
11 8,913,950 Radio relay method, base station apparatus, and relay station apparatus
12 8,913,949 Base station, relay station, and method
13 8,913,837 Image matching device and image matching method
14 8,913,542 Radio communication method, system and apparatus for reusing channel resource
15 8,913,378 Electronic apparatus and manufacturing method
16 8,913,164 Image processor, electronic device including image processor, and image processing method for performing stepped tone correction on images
17 8,913,117 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
18 8,912,960 Antenna apparatus
19 8,912,571 Compound semiconductor device including first film on compound semiconductor layer and second film on first film and method of manufacturing the same
20 8,912,069 Semiconductor device with STI and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
21 8,911,243 Connection member, socket module, socket and method for manufacturing connection member