Fujitsu patents granted on 16 February 2016

42 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,265,159 Stacked structure and manufacturing method of the same
2 9,265,055 Base station apparatus and wireless terminal apparatus
3 9,265,054 Base station, mobile station, control method, setting method, and communication system
4 9,265,014 Wireless communication system, management station, and method for managing
5 9,264,926 Method and system for communicating in a wireless communication systems
6 9,264,788 Inter-channel spectral shaping in optical ring networks
7 9,264,315 Event gathering method, information processing apparatus and event gathering system
8 9,264,300 Hybrid distributed linear protection
9 9,264,283 Method of accommodating signals, frame generation apparatus, frame reception apparatus, and transmission system
10 9,264,214 Phase detection method and apparatus for clock recovery
11 9,264,170 Transponder and optical transmission apparatus
12 9,264,167 Optical add drop multiplexer
13 9,264,164 Transmission apparatus, transmission method, wireless communication system for orthogonal cover code (OCC) generation and OCC mapping
14 9,264,140 Transmission method, transmission equipment and transmission system
15 9,264,026 Phase interpolation clock generator and phase interpolation clock generating method
16 9,263,999 LINC power amplifier
17 9,263,994 Amplifying device, distortion compensating device, and amplifying method
18 9,263,935 Charge and discharge signal circuit and DC-DC converter
19 9,263,523 Advanced transistors with punch through suppression
20 9,263,326 Interconnection structure and method of forming the same
21 9,263,184 Simulation apparatus and simulation method
22 9,262,796 Communication apparatus
23 9,262,720 Computer-readable recording medium, extracting device, and extracting method
24 9,262,650 Communication control device, data security system, communication control method, and computer product
25 9,262,648 Display device with automatic viewing angle control
26 9,262,614 Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium storing image processing program
27 9,262,580 Support method and apparatus
28 9,262,473 Trail log analysis system, medium storing trail log analysis program, and trail log analysis method
29 9,262,271 Method of improving fault tolerance in a computing system arranged to find a computational solution
30 9,262,260 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
31 9,262,227 Virtual machine management method and apparatus
32 9,262,209 Scheduler, multi-core processor system, and scheduling method
33 9,262,122 Arithmetic processing apparatus and control method of arithmetic processing apparatus
34 9,262,091 Storage control apparatus for copying volume, and copying method
35 9,262,082 Storage apparatus, control apparatus, and data copying method
36 9,262,078 Information processing device, method for controlling information processing device
37 9,261,907 Electronic device
38 9,261,875 Support apparatus, design support program, and design support method
39 9,261,716 Optical semiconductor device and optical semiconductor device control method
40 9,261,589 Signal processing device, radar device, vehicle control system, and signal processing method
41 9,261,548 Hum noise detection device
42 9,261,431 Engine control apparatus and control method for the same