Fujitsu patents granted on 16 March 2010

53 US patents granted on 16 March 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,681,236 Unauthorized access prevention system
2 7,681,191 Firmware version managing method of computer system and information processing device
3 7,681,161 Circuit delay analyzer, circuit delay analyzing method, and computer product
4 7,681,156 Transmission circuit simulator and transmission circuit simulation program storage medium
5 7,681,115 Text editing and reproduction apparatus, content editing and reproduction apparatus, and text editing and reproduction method
6 7,681,107 Semiconductor device
7 7,681,071 Storage apparatus, control method therefor and program
8 7,681,058 Information processing apparatus and power supply control method
9 7,681,044 Secure processor and system
10 7,680,936 IT resource management system, IT resource management method, and IT resource management program
11 7,680,914 Autonomous control apparatus, autonomous control method, and computer product
12 7,680,852 Search processing method and search system
13 7,680,850 Computer-readable recording medium storing information search program, information search method, and information search system
14 7,680,846 File management program, file management apparatus and file management method
15 7,680,826 Computer-readable recording medium storing security management program, security management system, and method of security management
16 7,680,419 Repeater and repeating method
17 7,680,402 Image shooting device with camera shake correction function
18 7,680,282 Signal processing circuit
19 7,680,157 Transmitting apparatus and channel speed varying method
20 7,680,136 Method and apparatus for allocating label to path in ring network
21 7,680,130 Method for finding resource and service in network and relay node apparatus
22 7,680,081 Mobile node
23 7,680,046 Wide area load sharing control system
24 7,680,029 Transmission apparatus with mechanism for reserving resources for recovery paths in label-switched network
25 7,679,933 Loadable/unloadable adapter for substrate
26 7,679,903 Display device and electronic apparatus
27 7,679,737 Method, system and apparatus of inspection
28 7,679,671 Image capturing for capturing an image of an object by illuminating the object and receiving light from the object
29 7,679,562 Target detection apparatus and system
30 7,679,560 Method and apparatus for adaptive direction estimation of radio waves
31 7,679,476 Polarized electromagnetic relay and coil assembly
32 7,679,469 Impulse generator utilizing nonlinear transmission line
33 7,679,447 Variable gain amplifier circuit and filter circuit
34 7,679,424 Semiconductor device with pad switch
35 7,679,411 Reset signal generation circuit
36 7,679,343 Power supply system and method for controlling output voltage
37 7,679,214 Electronic device incorporating system power supply unit and method for supplying power supply voltage
38 7,679,202 Semiconductor device having symbol pattern utilized as identification sign
39 7,679,194 Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device driver
40 7,679,188 Semiconductor device having a bump formed over an electrode pad
41 7,679,147 Semiconductor device fabricated by selective epitaxial growth method
42 7,679,144 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
43 7,679,076 Optical semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
44 7,679,006 Printed wiring board
45 7,678,711 Semiconductor device, and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
46 7,678,695 Circuit substrate and method for fabricating the same
47 7,678,693 Exposure method for upper layer of hole of semiconductor device
48 7,678,646 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
49 7,678,641 Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
50 7,678,510 Mask for exposure and method of manufacturing the same
51 7,677,436 Presence system and method for presence management
52 7,677,215 Power management device, control system, and control method
53 7,676,898 Method and apparatus for manufacturing