Fujitsu patents granted on 16 November 2010

25 US patents granted on 16 November 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,836,415 Circuit design method and circuit design system for calculating power consumption considering IR-drop
2 7,836,338 Distributed transaction processing method, distributed transaction processing system, transaction management device, and computer product
3 7,836,268 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling data storage
4 7,836,227 Computer-readable recording medium having communication program recorded thereon, communication apparatus, and communication method
5 7,836,154 Router for automatically generating IP address
6 7,835,888 Method and apparatus for extracting characteristic of semiconductor integrated circuit
7 7,835,767 Mobile terminal
8 7,835,643 Optical waveform measuring apparatus and optical waveform measuring method
9 7,835,475 Digital broadcast receiver, mobile terminal and channel search method
10 7,835,462 Correction circuit
11 7,835,418 Optical semiconductor device having diffraction grating disposed on both sides of waveguide and its manufacture method
12 7,835,367 Network connection method, network connection system, and, layer 2 switch and management server forming the network connection system
13 7,835,266 Node apparatus and maintenance and operation supporting device
14 7,835,159 Method of making assembly module and board module and electronic apparatus
15 7,835,067 Raman amplifier
16 7,834,812 Loop antenna
17 7,834,694 Differential current mirror circuit
18 7,834,684 Sizing and placement of charge recycling (CR) transistors in multithreshold complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (MTCMOS) circuits
19 7,834,673 Variable delay circuit and delay amount control method
20 7,834,443 Semiconductor device with molten metal preventing member
21 7,834,414 Semiconductor device with tensile strain and compressive strain
22 7,833,831 Method of manufacturing an electronic component and an electronic device
23 7,833,487 Solution filling apparatus
24 7,833,430 Method for fabricating microstructure and microstructure
25 7,832,069 Capacitor device and method of manufacturing the same