Fujitsu patents granted on 16 October 2007

28 US patents granted on 16 October 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,284,223 Wiring method, program, and apparatus
2 7,284,051 Relaying apparatus for use in a network system
3 7,284,001 Data file system, data access node, brain node, data access program storage medium and brain program storage medium
4 7,283,946 Microcomputer logic development system
5 7,283,945 High level verification of software and hardware descriptions by symbolic simulation using assume-guarantee relationships with linear arithmetic assumptions
6 7,283,855 Dielectric waveguide having a face and method of production thereof
7 7,283,853 Folding type portable radio machine and chassis of the radio machine
8 7,283,750 System and method for setting a tunable filter in an optical network
9 7,283,742 Optical signal judging system and optical signal judging method
10 7,283,740 Optical ring network with optical subnets and method
11 7,283,739 Multiple subnets in an optical ring network and method
12 7,283,734 Rapid thermal processing apparatus and method of manufacture of semiconductor device
13 7,283,601 Timing signal generating system and receiving circuit for transmitting signals at high speed with less circuitry
14 7,283,510 Wireless receiver estimating power of interference
15 7,283,487 Transmission slot allocation method and map for virtual tunnels in a transmission line
16 7,283,445 Optical storage device and reading method for optical storage medium
17 7,283,416 Semiconductor device including voltage level conversion output circuit
18 7,283,374 Grow as you go equipment shelf
19 7,283,356 Electronic apparatus
20 7,283,220 Methods and apparatuses for measuring the refractive index and other optical properties of liquids, gels, and solids
21 7,283,050 Certifying system, radio tag, certifying method and certifying program
22 7,283,026 Electromagnetic relay
23 7,282,860 Plasma display panel with a dielectric layer having depressions between projections and forming ventilation paths
24 7,282,770 Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
25 7,282,766 Fin-type semiconductor device with low contact resistance
26 7,282,693 Camera module for compact electronic equipments
27 7,281,944 Information processing apparatus having battery and printed circuit board
28 7,281,874 Thermal printer unit