Fujitsu patents granted on 17 April 2012

29 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,161,485 Scheduling jobs in a plurality of queues and dividing jobs into high and normal priority and calculating a queue selection reference value
2 8,161,333 Information processing system
3 8,161,274 Command selection method and its apparatus
4 8,161,261 Method and apparatus for operating data, such as totaling data, etc
5 8,160,859 Medium storing logic simulation program, logic simulation apparatus, and logic simulation method
6 8,160,637 Input management in a mobile terminal device
7 8,160,427 Recording method, recording apparatus, and computer-readable medium
8 8,160,416 Optical device
9 8,160,294 Electronic watermark embedment apparatus and electronic watermark detection apparatus
10 8,160,264 Transfer function estimating device, noise suppressing apparatus and transfer function estimating method
11 8,160,111 Optical transmission device, optical transmission system, and bandwidth control method
12 8,160,095 Communication device and communication method
13 8,160,005 Virtually centralized uplink scheduling
14 8,159,997 Wireless communication system, wireless base station, user equipment, and multi service management equipment
15 8,159,988 Relay apparatus, relay method, and recording medium storing relay program
16 8,159,886 Memory device, control method for the same, control program for the same, memory card, circuit board and electronic equipment
17 8,159,605 Frame interpolating apparatus and method
18 8,159,383 Switched capacitor circuit and pipelined analog-to-digital conversion circuit with the switched capacitor circuit
19 8,159,297 Transmission device, distortion compensation device, and distortion compensation method
20 8,159,273 Transmission circuit
21 8,159,250 Testing device for testing a semiconductor device
22 8,158,503 Multilayer interconnection substrate and method of manufacturing the same
23 8,158,498 P-channel MOS transistor and fabrication process thereof
24 8,158,483 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
25 8,158,312 Exposure method using charged particle beam
26 8,157,974 Magnet unit for magnetron sputtering system
27 8,157,592 Connector for transferring high frequency signals
28 8,157,590 Jack side connector and connector set having the jack side connector
29 8,157,540 Fan assembly