Fujitsu patents granted on 17 August 2010

37 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,779,377 Method and apparatus for aiding verification of circuit, and computer product
2 7,779,293 Technology to control input/output device bridges
3 7,779,209 System controller, snoop tag modification method and information processing apparatus having snoop tag modification function
4 7,779,203 RAID blocking determining method, RAID apparatus, controller module, and recording medium
5 7,779,149 Compound contents delivery method and delivery system
6 7,779,131 Server and communication control method
7 7,779,044 Load simulator, computer readable medium, computer, and load simulating method
8 7,778,990 Data presentation device, computer readable medium and data presentation method
9 7,778,975 Mirroring method, mirroring device, and computer product
10 7,778,942 Apparatus for supporting sales of product
11 7,778,656 Transmission power control method and apparatus
12 7,778,625 Portable wireless terminal apparatus and method for sending information in emergency
13 7,778,553 Optical transmitter
14 7,778,449 Biometric information verifying apparatus
15 7,778,447 Method and device for mobile object information management, and computer product
16 7,778,360 Demodulating a signal encoded according to ASK modulation and PSK modulation
17 7,778,348 Transmitter for suppressing out-of-band power for a signal
18 7,778,344 System and method for combining a plurality of signals of various phases having a wide frequency range
19 7,778,214 Relay apparatus, relay method, and relay program
20 7,778,190 Correlating label switched paths of a pseudowire
21 7,778,160 Device for synchronizing between an active unit and a standby unit
22 7,778,099 Semiconductor memory, memory system, and memory access control method
23 7,778,009 Thin-film capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
24 7,777,808 Image capturing apparatus having distance measurement function
25 7,777,796 Solid-state image pickup apparatus including a global shutter function and control method therefor
26 7,777,556 Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor apparatus integrally having semiconductor integrated circuit
27 7,777,539 Delay adjusting circuit and control method of the same
28 7,777,474 DC-DC converter with oscillator and monitoring function
29 7,777,473 DC-DC converter and control circuit for DC-DC converter
30 7,777,445 Electronic apparatus, and method of charging a remote control device
31 7,777,262 Semiconductor device having interlayer insulating film covered with hydrogen diffusion barrier film and its manufacture method
32 7,777,251 Compound semiconductor device and doherty amplifier using compound semiconductor device
33 7,776,735 Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
34 7,776,659 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
35 7,776,622 Method for fabricating semiconductor devices
36 7,776,621 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
37 7,775,839 Connector and manufacturing method of the same