Fujitsu patents granted on 17 February 2009

29 US patents granted on 17 February 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D586,579 Cash register
2 7,493,582 Pattern layout and layout data generation method
3 7,493,580 Critical path estimating program, estimating apparatus, estimating method, and integrated circuit designing program
4 7,493,579 Method for the generation of static noise check data in the layout hierarchical design of an LSI
5 7,493,379 Business process managing system, server device, outsider cooperative server device, business process managing method, and computer product
6 7,493,360 Method of and computer program for client character code conversion, method of and computer program for server character code conversion, CORBA client, and CORBA server
7 7,493,134 Transmission power control apparatus and radio base station
8 7,493,116 Mobile network system
9 7,492,901 Single-photon generator and single-photon generating method
10 7,492,830 Signal receiving method in MIMO system and device therefor
11 7,492,812 RFID transceiver device
12 7,492,804 Near-field light emitting device and data recording/reproduction apparatus
13 7,492,787 Method, apparatus, and medium for migration across link technologies
14 7,492,707 Transmitting device for assigning data for receiving device selected from plurality of receiving devices to shared channel
15 7,492,657 Semiconductor device temperature sensor and semiconductor storage device
16 7,492,543 Control device, control method, and storage apparatus for controlling read head and write head clearance
17 7,492,252 RFID tag and method for obtaining information on article using the same
18 7,492,232 Oscillator circuit, semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device provided with the oscillator circuit, and control method of the oscillator circuit
19 7,492,162 Inverter system
20 7,492,135 Switching converter
21 7,492,081 Display panel module and method for manufacturing the same
22 7,492,047 Semiconductor device and its manufacture method
23 7,492,014 Semiconductor device
24 7,492,011 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
25 7,491,996 Capacitive element, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the capacitive element
26 7,491,897 Electronic equipment provided with wiring board into which press-fit terminals are press-fitted
27 7,491,893 Mounting substrate and mounting method of electronic part
28 7,491,473 Photo mask and method for controlling the same
29 7,491,288 Method of cutting laminate with laser and laminate