Fujitsu patents granted on 17 January 2006

18 US patents granted on 17 January 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 6,988,272 Object collaboration apparatus
2 6,988,178 Emulation processing method for a storage device and storage device
3 6,988,090 Prediction analysis apparatus and program storage medium therefor
4 6,987,972 Base station control equipment, mobile station equipment, and radio communication system
5 6,987,903 Optical transmission network, optical transmission apparatus, dispersion compensator arrangement calculation apparatus and dispersion compensator arrangement calculation method
6 6,987,869 Authentication device using anatomical information and method thereof
7 6,987,814 Distortion compensating device
8 6,987,768 Packet transferring apparatus
9 6,987,757 Call setting method for network system
10 6,987,731 Communication system preforming control of information between a terminal device and a network side device including buffer management
11 6,987,698 Semiconductor memory having dummy regions in memory cell array
12 6,987,607 Optical AND gate and waveform shaping device
13 6,987,297 Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
14 6,987,054 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a groove formed in a resin layer
15 6,987,045 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
16 6,987,041 Semiconductor device having both memory and logic circuit and its manufacture
17 6,986,973 Test photomask, flare evaluation method, and flare compensation method
18 6,986,539 Fixing member, cord fixing structure, vehicle-mounted apparatus, vehicle, and method of fabricating fixing member